Wednesday, March 11 5:30 – 8pm

Reinvention Works After 45 – Just $49
An Interactive Workshop to Connect, Explore, & Pursue Career Reinvention

Lincoln Financial Digital Education Studio at WHYY – Philadelphia, PA

Reinvention is different from change.
Reinvention is intentional, deliberate; it’s a choice. Even though change may propel reinvention, reinvention doesn’t require change to precede it. Reinvention is about command. With reinvention, you’re in the driver’s seat. If you’re thinking of a career reinvention, this event is for you.


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Best-selling author and motivational speaker on entrepreneurship, Lynn Bardowski, shared her visionista message at Visionistas In Pink – encouraging women to step into their power and purpose. The event was held at the historic home of Alice Paul, a suffragette and hero who fought for equality and women’s right to vote.

Whatever your cause may be, what’s most important is that you fight for your cause, each and every day. ~ Susan Bass-Levin, CEO of the Cooper Foundation

What I hope for all women is that you will be the leaders you need to be. If you’re already gutsy, become more gutsy.  ~ Sylvia LaFair, author of Gutsy: How Women Leaders Make Change 

Visionistas In Pink – Celebrating Women, Passion and Power