Create and Communicate Your Million Dollar Vision
What is a Visionista?

Voted Readers' Pick for Best of Biz: Training Provider

Voted Readers’ Pick for Best of Biz: Training Provider

Online Training and Webcasts For Work-At-Home-Moms, Small Biz Owners and Direct Sellers. Attend all 4 classes and get your Visionista MBA: More-Business-Attraction.


Each webcast is designed to help you communicate your vision, get more clients and generate more revenue.  From marketing to branding to telling your story and attracting more clients, you’ll learn how Lynn does it so you can, too!
Download these webcasts to your tablet or computer and view them anytime, as many times as you want.


Sign up for this if you’ve ever thought “I don’t want to be pushy.”  You’ll learn a secret phrase to find out your customer’s real objection, how to use Facebook to generate revenue, and a whole hour of marketing how-to’s that you can feel good about, and leave those pushy thoughts in the dust. WOOT!  I share my screen with you, so you can see exactly how I do what I do, so you can too!

Are you in a Social Media fog, feeling overwhelmed and frustrated?

You’ll Learn:

Why your fear of being “pushy” is really a myth!

The one phrase you need to learn that will reveal your client’s real objection

Top 3 things you need to get fan engagement on your Facebook page

How to get more views on your Facebook posts

The #1 thing you need to drive traffic to your website, and it’s easier than you think.


You’ll learn the creative process I went through (and spent thousands on) to create the Million Dollar Party Girl brand! You’ll also learn how to create a buzz for your events (and sell out), and a little known secret to connecting with national sponsors. If you’re a Direct Seller, creating your own personal brand is the secret to attracting more clients. There’s thousands of Mary Kay ladies, jewelry ladies (and all the other ladies), but there’s only one unique, awesome YOU.

Sure, you want to be the “hot brand” everyone is talking about. How do you get the word out when you barely have time to keep up with the day to day activities of running your biz?

You’ll Learn:

The Branding Formula I spent thousands to learn that inspired me to create the M$PG brand

5 step Process to Branding & Launching — even if you’re already in business you need this

How to Launch with a live event filled with your ideal clients, and get other people to pay for it

Top tips to using social media to keep attendees engaged and wanting more!

How I used social media to nab a national sponsor for my event



You’ll earn the 3 things you need to create a sizzling About page & Bio, how to organize your message, how I get FREE PR (I used this tool to nab my recent full-page interview in the Huffington Post), and I’ll even share how I hit the #1 best-seller list – without Oprah. Whether you tell your story on your Facebook page, or in a book (like I did) story-telling connects you to your customer and helps you attract more clients. That’s why this class is on the list.

Does your “about” page share a sizzling story about YOU that communicates your vision? It should, it’s the most viewed page on your website!

You’ll learn:

3 things you need to create a sizzling “about” page and bio

The Sweet Spot! How to organize your message

How I became an Amazon #1 Best Seller, without Oprah

How I get FREE PR

When to start creating a buzz about your book!

Marketing your book: What works and what doesn’t


You’ll learn all my crazy, innovative ideas (that work) to get more customers so you can stop bugging your friends and family to buy from you. You might even get invited to the next family party. This course covers everything small biz and direct sellers need to grow their biz: from vendor events, to reinventing a party or event so people say YES, to networking – it’s all here.


In this one hour webcast, you’ll learn innovative new ideas to finding more customers, bookings and recruiting leads!  I built a multi-million dollar direct sales biz using the customer attraction strategies I teach in this webcast.  The #1 reason direct sellers give up is they don’t know how or where to find new Customers, Bookings and Recruiting leads. Don’t let that happen to you!  Tune in, turn up your connections, and your profits!  The world needs more million dollar party girls! During this one hour online course I’ll teach you:

Why your fear of being “pushy” is really an excuse

How to identify and connect with your Ideal Customer

How you can reinvent the party to get more YES’s

The one key phrase that will result in more recruiting leads

The right way to use social media to find more leads, and generate business


My #1 resource to finding new connections and following up!

Ready to stop wishing and hoping for more business? Let’s get this party started!

  • "While I was listening to Lynn speak on VISION, I realized that I didn’t have one and as a business owner, needed one ASAP!   She said that goals are just the stepping stones to your vision, and it clicked.  I have to stop focusing and worrying about my “goals” and work with the purpose and intention of following my vision and knowing that my vision may seem impossible to some, but it is mine and I will embrace it! .... with Lynn’s guidance, I was able to create my vision: 'To help everyone celebrate the milestones in their life...'  I know that along the way, I will help others because that is what a true Visionista does!" - Stacy McGuigan, Creative Celebrations Consultant

  • "Thank you so much for helping me brand myself. ...I now have a sense of purpose other than to just get someone to make a purchase. I've been "sharing your spark" with my friends so they can become visionistas. ...meeting you has helped chart the course of my future!"  - Brooke Gray

  • "Lynn Bardowski, Million $ Party Girl, seriously delivers with her ‘Visionista’ webinar series! I got everything she promised in the package and then some…great value for my investment! I would recommend Lynn’s series to any female entrepreneur who wants to expand her vision and ROCK her revenue!!” - Bonny Clayton, Your Web Chick

  • "If you want step-by-step instruction to move your business from struggling to thriving, listen to The Million Dollar Party Girl, Lynn Bardowski! Her Visionista University reveals intimate details of how Lynn's vision became reality. She holds nothing back and gives more precise content than any other entrepreneurial courses I have taken. Plus, it is like having a one-on-one conversation into all the secrets of success!" - Cindy Cipriani, Clear Path Institute

  • "Hands down, Lynn Bardowski is one of the top women visionaries out there! She understands the needs of small business owners & what we have to learn to be successful. Lynn thinks outside the box & has a plethora of unique ideas, covering everything from marketing to networking to how to reinvent the party. When I listen to Lynn speak I have so many “aha” moments. I have taken a ton of courses with many “top” industry leaders & so many times I hear the same thing just repackaged or reworded. Not here; Lynn is the TOP, bar none! She shares everything you need to know to be a Million $ Party Girl in your own business! Thank you Lynn for sharing it all & for being so generous with your wealth of knowledge in the industry! I’m on my way to becoming a Million $ Party Girl, count me as one of Lynn’s Visionistas, a very grateful one for having found her!" - Judy Morris, Pure Romance with Judy

Disclaimer: I can teach you all my secrets, but ultimately your success is up to you.