Deb Bixler, multiple winner of the prestigious Direct Selling Live Power 50 Awards and host of the Cash Flow Radio Show, is one of the most recognized experts in the direct sales industry. Join Deb and Lynn on Million Dollar Party Girl Talk podcast to learn how to consistently work your business and get greater results. You will learn how to use a big impact habit in your direct sales and party plan business to achieve consistent success.

Deb Bixler says:

  • A big impact habit is a business action that is so easy to do that you can do it every day forever!
  • A big impact habit makes a really BIG impact on your business.

A big impact habit is:

  • Very Specific
  • Easy To Do
  • Becomes A Habit
  • Leads to BIG Results
  • Provides A Long-Term Strategy

By creating a simple action that you can do daily for the long term, you will achieve greater results than doing massive action once and not again for a few months.

For example:

Call one club that may need fundraisers a day and do it everyday will achieve more cash flow in your business than making 50 calls to clubs today and then doing it again in 60 days.


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