You’re Overthinking Facebook Parties – Here’s What Really Works

Holding successful Facebook Parties is like following the yellow brick road in search of the Wizard. It takes courage to get out of your comfort zone, heart to provide great customer service and brains to get your marketing strategy right. After so-so Facebook Party results and a few overposting-related headaches, I was beginning to think I’d never get out of the land of flying monkeys. Frustration led to one of those “maybe I had the answer all along” kind of moments. My thought was this: Maybe I’ve been way overthinking this whole Facebook Party thing, and I don’t need a Wizard at all. What if the same strategy I use to hold successful home parties, works for Facebook parties too?… said me, to myself. Could it be that simple? I set out to test and tweak my idea over a 3 month period. 40 Facebook parties (30 held) and $13,000+ in online sales later, I discovered that I was right. Wohooooo! (Pause for a high-five and happy dance.) While I didn’t find Oz or the Wizard, I did learn the same principles that work for home parties, work for online Facebook Parties. Clicking your ruby red shoes three times is not required, but any excuse to wear cute shoes works for me.

Stop overthinking your Facebook parties. Here’s 5 successful party principles and a simple-to-follow Facebook Party formula:

• Find out WHY your Hostess booked the party and help her get everything she wants using good ‘ol hostess coaching.
• Don’t talk about all your products. Instead, ask your customers what they are interested in.
• Have fun.
• Say Thanks.
• Provide awesome customer service and follow-up after the sale.

I break down my successful Facebook Party formula in this infographic (click to view full size!):

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