The Road To SuperBowl XLVII – 5 Lessons About Winning


WINNING!According to the New York Times, both the Ravens and the 49ers won on the strength of their defense.


1. The action of defending from or resisting attack.

The article states that this notion defies today’s expectation that the superstar quarterback wins the game. The Ravens and 49ers, fueled by passion and belief, became an unstoppable force who’s passion and belief wore down the predicted winners, both on the field and in their minds.

Here are 5 lessons both teams taught me about winning:

Be willing to fight for your beliefs: Start every day as if it was your year to win the super bowl, regardless of the competition. If you don’t believe it, no one else will. Put your vision on a sign for the world to see and share it with your team (family, friends, customers). Your belief, vision and passion can triumph over talent and knowledge. Even an underdog can win.

Be a people builder: Joe Flacco, Ravens quarterback, is not the best in the league. His coach recognized his potential and guided him to where he is now. Seek out and recruit a winning team of motivated people who share your beliefs, and your vision. If you’re a solo-preneur, your team might include ambassadors that will bring you referrals and new clients. I frequently get asked how I motivate people. My answer is, “I don’t. Motivation comes from within. I recruit people who are already motivated and develop their potential.”

Master the basics: Vince Lombardi taught his team to succeed by mastering the fundamentals. Ray Rice, Ravens running back, is a great example of this. Ray mastered the skill of running the ball up the middle. He even has his own mantra that makes it so, “Hey diddle diddle, Ray Rice Up the Middle.” What skills do you need to practice over and over again, so that they become second nature?

Keep your head in the game: Both the 49ers and the Ravens turned around their teams in a relatively short period of time. Sure, it’s a challenge to stay focused on the end goal when the points (or sales) are down. The task can seem daunting. Instead of looking at the score board, keep your eyes on the daily activities that will continue to move your ball forward. One “play”, or one new team member, can change your entire game.

Be willing to take risks: 49ers coach, Harbaugh, chose to stick with his backup quarterback, Colin Kaepernick, when his star QB Alex Smith had a concussion. It was a risk that paid off. Listen to your gut and have the courage to try something new, even when the challenge is great. Innovation and change are necessary to grow.

I’ve never been more excited to watch the Super Bowl than this year, even though my local team, the Philadelphia Eagles, went down early. Everyone loves to root for the underdog!

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