5 Secrets for Small Biz Success

One of my key messages for women entrepreneurs is to not be afraid to put yourself out there. I found out I needed to listen to my own advice when I was nominated to be a Top 100 Small Business Influencer last Fall, awarded by Anita Campbell and Ramon Ray via SmallBizTrends.com. After all, I’m “just” a regular Jersey Girl working from home, doing my thing. Sure, I built a multi-million dollar direct sales biz, wrote a #1 best selling success book, host a radio show and speak to national audiences. Where was that girl when I needed her? Turns out, I have the same self-doubt every other woman has. Thoughts of “Who the heck am I to win this award?” frequently popped into my head, especially when I saw the list of nominees. I nearly fell off my chair when I got the email notifying me I won.


5 Success Tips for Business


The doubter living in my brain wasn’t so sure she should show up. She whispered…“Maybe you shouldn’t go because you have nothing to wear,” and, “No one will be able to come with you in the middle of a work week" gently into my ear. Her words held me back from registering until my 28 year old daughter, Lauren, answered the call to share her support and be my wing-lady. We hopped the train into the city, ready for a mother-daughter adventure. Frank Sinatra’s New York, New York played in my mind (hey, every girl needs a theme song) as we walked briskly up 5th Avenue towards our destination, The Graduate Center.

The historic building was somewhat intimidating, fast forwarding my theme song playlist to “butterflies are free to fly”…in my stomach. My tune changed when Lauren and I were instantly greeted by a smiling Anita Campbell, who gave us a warm welcome. She actually gushed over me, saying how much she loved my book and the Million Dollar Party Girl brand I created. The fearful girl living in my head disappeared, as I stood a little taller and began to accept that maybe I did belong here. Other awardees were just as accepting and welcoming, passionate to champion the cause of small business owners. We were one united “Go Small Biz!” team. The experience continues to lead to new opportunities and connections, including an interview in NY based magazine, Woman Around Town, and Forbes. Yes, that Forbes.

This week I was asked, along with others on the Top 100 Small Biz Influencer list, to be a featured contributor to incorporate.com, who is giving away $5,000 in a contest encouraging small business owners to share their success tips. Big things really can happen when you put yourself out there! So, go do it. Share your 5 success tips. Maybe you’ll be the one who wins $5,000 for your small business. At the very least, you’ll influence other small biz owners to succeed and make some new connections of your own. Expand your network and reach out to other contributors who stepped up to accept the challenge. 

Read my 5 Success Tips here.

Click here to learn more about the contest from incorporate.com.

Via the Incorporate.com Website > Business Owners: Share 5 Small Business Tips for a Chance at $5,000!

The Company Corporation is pleased to offer business owners a chance to win $5,000 in exchange for them sharing five lessons they learned in the trenches of starting and running their own business. Simply share your advice for business start ups or small businesses along with your name, email, website, business name, short bio and a head shot to accompany your five small business start up tips, and you will be entered for a chance to win $5,000. Your tips, company name and website will appear on The Company Corporation's website, giving you an opportunity to share your knowledge with your peers. From these entries, The Company Corporation will select a winner in March 2014.

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