Building a PartyLite Gifts Business

By Lynn Bardowski

In my book, Success Secrets of a Million$ Party Girl™,  I share how I had the courage, vision and belief to leave the safety net of a successful corporate career, overcoming the odds to build a multi million dollar PartyLite business.

I am so proud to be known as one of 2% of women entrepreneurs to achieve 1 Million+ in annual revenue. For more than 22 years I have worked to transform lives by empowering women to discover their gifts and live life with an exclamation point! I lead with my heart, developing Leaders to think BIGGER and manifest abundance.

As a business coach, sales trainer and national speaker, I have been honored to inspire audiences from 10 – 10,000.

Success Secrets of a Million Dollar Party GirlLYNN BARDOWSKI’S BOOK, Success Secrets of a  Million $ Party Girl, IS AVAILABLE TO PURCHASE ON AMAZON AS A KINDLE BOOK.




Lynn Bardowski is a 22 year entrepreneur, a best selling author, national speaker and mentor. For insights on entrepreneurship, leadership and vision, follow her blog, and LIKE her FB page, You may republish this article in full, as long as you list this paragraph and provide a link.



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