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The Lynn Bardowski Interview

Lynn BardowskiThe Milion Dollar Party Girl shares her
glowing success with the candle biz and more!

Meet Lynn Bardowski, known as the Million $ Party Girl, a 22 year Million $ revenue generating Entrepreneur and Visionista!

Listen to Lynn Bardowski share her inspirational story and success secrets on a recent “Power Your Life” radio program
In Lynn’s interview with Dr. Jo Anne White (aka The Success Doc) she shares:

  • What inspired her to write her book, Success Secrets of a Million $ Party Girl, and how she came up with the title.
  • Why she decided to leave a successful corporate career to become an Entrepreneur, and how her family felt about it.
  • What are a few of her success secrets, including overcoming fear and how to rock your vision!

Here is a little preview of what Lynn shares as to the unique title of her book:


–Dr. White: Where did the name of the book, Million $ Party Girl, come from?

Lynn: As solo-preneurs we tend to live in our own bubble. I didn’t know that what I had achieved was such a big deal. Until, I started to network with other entrepreneurs. When people wanted to learn more about me they were startled, and sometimes shocked, to hear I was generating millions of dollars in annual revenue.

I become known as the PartyLite girl who built a million dollar business. Women wanted to know how i did it and asked me for advice on building their own business. I was already speaking at a National level for PartyLIte and knew it was time for me to get out of the bubble and impact more lives.

I did some research and found out that only 2% of women entrepreneurs ever reach 1 million in annual revenue. I was shocked! I HAD to share my story and write a book, but what to call it? At first, my ego kept getting in the way. Would people take a women in direct selling seriously?

I tried to “reinvent” who I was and at the end of the day my mother’s voice kept getting in my head. BE who you ARE. So instead, I embraced it. I AM the Million $ Party Girl. Even Siri calls me that.–

Click Through to listen to Dr. Jo Ann White’s revealing interview with Million Dollar Party Girl (PartyLite) Lynn Bardowski on “Power Your Life“.


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Lynn Bardowski is a 22 year entrepreneur, new media author, national speaker and mentor. For insights on entrepreneurship, leadership and vision, follow her blog, and LIKE her FB page, You may republish this article in full, as long as you list this paragraph and provide a link.


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