Why Don’t Women Like To Sell? 3 Tips for Women Entrepreneurs

STOPWell, actually, we do.  We’re selling our favorite shoes, purses, movies, books and restaurants all the time.  We just don’t get paid for it.  When it comes to selling for ourselves, and getting paid, we don’t like it.  We feel pushy and salesy, as if getting paid for our product or service was a bad thing.  I’ve even heard women apologize for it.  Enough already!

Here’s 3 Tips To Increase Sales

1. Stop Using the Word SellIf you’re not comfortable with the “S” word, stop saying it.  Use words that are more authentic and true to your core, like the word InviteInvite is one my favorite words.  Invite people to look at your product, become a customer, refer your business and join your team.

2. Stop Talking, Start Listening.  Women love to talk and share; it’s what we do best.  Our passion for our business can sometimes give us what my Mother called diarrhea of the mouth.  The cure is not Imodium, it’s listening.  My rule is, if I’m talking more than my customer, I will always get a no.  Let your customer sell themselves by sharing how much they want or need your product or service.  A great question to get the conversation started is, “What interests you most about ______?”  Oohhh, tell me more!

3. Stop Hanging Out With People Who Don’t Want Or Need Your Product. If you’re getting lots of no’s and feel you have no one left to call, you’re hanging out with the wrong people.  Take time out to identify who your ideal client is by answering a few questions: 1) Who’s attracted to your message? 2) What do you and your ideal client have in common, and 3) Who are you called to serve?  Get started by making a list of 100 contacts that fit into this profile.  If you don’t know anyone, get out and network with groups where your ideal client is hanging out.  Start off by sharing how you can help them; give and you will receive.  Then, after you build a relationship, invite your new connections to look at your product, listen in, and increase sales.

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