Power Through These 7 Direct Sales Truths


Visionista power can best be described as Wonder Woman meets Girl Boss. It’s a combination of mindset, empowerment and tapping into your super powers. Ok, so you might not be a super hero but you do have super gifts and talents that you probably dismiss (or apologize for) most of the time.

Instead, put on a Katy Perry song, step into your power and own your “ness” – that one thing that makes you so awesome.  That will help you to stop taking other people’s decisions so personally. Emotional reactions and thoughts sabotage your goals and dreams, which could lead to the end of your direct sales business. #truth

I know. It can be super frustrating when the Consultant you worked so hard to sponsor quits after one week, or you have a run of party cancellations. How could they do that to you, right? Wrong. Take the emotion out of it and think like the Visionista (which is just fun to say) that you are. Every business has known truths that they have a backup plan for, because they have bills to pay. And so do you. Think about it. Airlines overbook flights, doctors schedule way too many patients (hence the need for waiting rooms) and your hairdresser is looking at her schedule right now wondering how she can book an extra client today to plan for a last minute no-show.

You got this, Visionista. Step into your power and plan ahead for these 7 Direct Sales Truths:

  1. Parties cancel and postpone. Plan for it and book more parties than you want to hold. When you get a cancellation, use the time to work your biz instead of watching reruns of Scandal.
  2. You’ll hear the word no more often than yes. A whole lot more. Plan for it and work the numbers until the odds are forever in your favor. Make 50 calls and you’ll book 5 parties.
  3. You’ll run out of friends and family to sell to in your first month. Plan for it and look for vendor events, ask for referrals and join networking groups that can help you meet new people right away.
  4. Once in awhile, you’ll hold a home or Facebook party that no one shows up to. Plan for it because…the show must go on! Head over to the event page and use Facebook Live to show off your products with your Hostess as your guest star and save the party. It’s not over yet.
  5. Your friends and family won’t always support you. Plan for it and stop whining about parties that canceled or how frustrated you are with that consultant who quit. That certainly won’t win your family over. Instead, reach out to the people who do support you and find a mentor and biz coach. And as far as your family and friends are concerned, business is always GREAT! By the way, all those negative vibes are really about their own fears and sense of lack. They still love you.
  6. Did I mention consultants quit? Leaders do too. Actually, it’s more like a party postponement because some consultants and leaders may come back. Plan for it and continue to consistently sponsor and promote new leaders, while staying connected to those who made other choices.
  7. People might tell you your direct sales business is a pyramid scheme or a scam. Instead of getting all defensive about it plan for it and have a great comeback ready. The naysayers still won’t get it but you’ll feel better about it. Learn what to say here 5 Myths About Direct Selling

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Lynn Bardowski is an award-winning entrepreneur and bestselling author of Success Secrets of a Million Dollar Party Girl. She speaks to global audiences about Direct Sales Success, Women’s Empowerment, and Social Selling and is a resource for press, media and bloggers. Follow Lynn on her social sites by clicking on the icons on the top left of this page.

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