7 Tips to Prepare Your Team for a Successful Direct Sales Conference

Prepare Your Team for a Successful Direct Sales Conference

Prepare Your Team for a Successful Direct Sales Conference

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Summertime is here, which means Direct Sales Conference season is upon us. National Conventions are when most companies bring their Consultant and Leader teams together to launch new products, programs and incentive trips. Attend and you’ll be inspired, motivated and have a renewed belief in yourself, your team and your company. And even after attending 25+ annual Direct Sales Conferences as a speaker and trainer I still get the “new Consultant feels” when I hear the success stories.

You’ll probably hear this quote (or something like it) during one of the Conference keynote talks:

“Together Everyone Achieves More.”

Because it’s true.

If you want to build a successful direct sales business, you need to learn how to lead a highly productive team. Your annual Direct Sales Convention is your team building palooza – providing your team with an opportunity to come together through a shared mutual experience.

Communicating your vision and creating clearly defined goals around a common cause is essential to team building.” ~ Lynn Bardowski

These tips will help you plan ahead for your Direct Sales conference and ignite your team this summer.

Define your team goals: What do you want to make happen this summer? Define your sales, parties and sponsoring goals and communicate them with your team. That goal should include how many parties Conference attendees should book before they leave home so they can make the most of their investment – and apply what they learn when they get home.

Track progress and results: Create a “Countdown to Conference” event in your Team Facebook Group and track progress weekly. You might even want to create a separate Group for goal-getters who are going for Leadership. The action plan should start as soon as attendees buy an airline ticket, not when they board the plane.

Plan A Booking Blitz: Convention speakers, testimonials and new reveals will inspire you and your team to take action. This is the perfect time to hold a booking blitz! Plan ahead and team up your attendees in small groups to see which group can date the most parties. A little competition goes a long way here. But don’t forget the Home Team. Go live (using Facebook Live) to announce a “Home Team” booking challenge and use some of that Conference glow to help everyone achieve more.

Go Live: Speaking of Facebook Live, delegate LIVE Conference updates to leaders and future leaders so can they keep your Home Team as pumped as they are! Think of it as a reporter sharing “Breaking News” in your Facebook Group. Delegation builds confidence and belief – which strengthens your team.

Show Appreciation: When team members feel appreciated, they will go to bat for you and the team any day of the week. Bring gifts for your Leader team to elevate their position and fun swag for your attendees. I even bring gifts for my roomies. Motivational journals, selfie lights, hand clappers, turban towels (I never travel without one), light-up pens and selfie sticks are all fun & affordable gift ideas.

Throw A Pizza Party: Pizza love is probably the one thing everyone on your team has in common. Help your Consultants dine-on-a-budget and get to know each other better over a slice. For $5/pp everyone can pitch in to throw a fun BYOB party – right in your hotel room. If you have a big team, take over the hotel and hold a progressive pizza party in multiple rooms (which I’ve done and it’s really fun). Designate a “leader” in each room to organize an ice-breaker game so everyone can get to know each other better.

Know Your Hashtags: Make sure both your attendees and your Home Team are using and following the Conference hashtags and the speakers’ social media profiles. You might even want to create your own Hashtag for your team. Go social and make a bigger impact by using hashtags to amplify your team’s Conference experience.

Are you part of the Conference Team or the Home Team? Let us know in the comments what goals your team is going for this year!

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Lynn Bardowski is an award-winning entrepreneur and bestselling author of Success Secrets of a Million Dollar Party Girl. She speaks to global audiences about Direct Sales Success, Women’s Empowerment, and Social Selling and is a resource for press, media and bloggers. Follow Lynn on her social sites by clicking on the icons on the top left of this page.

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