3 Changes You Need To Make To Your Facebook Parties Right Now


Is it just me, or are you noticing that direct sales consultants are using copycat posts, graphics and even comments on all their Facebook Parties? It’s like the movie Groundhog Day, except unlike Bill Murray – whose daily do-over experience leads to change (in a good way) –  everyone seems to be posting the same Facebook Party titles and graphics over and over again, without changing anything.

As a result, Facebook is reading all those copycat posts, photos and comments as spam, landing some direct sellers in Facebook Jail. That means your party posts and comments can be blocked. As in you are out of the Facebook Party business. Yikes.

Stop copying – and stay out of Facebook Jail – by delivering an authentic online party that lets your personality shine through. That’s known as the like, know and trust factor, which is why people do business with you. Get started by making these three changes to your Facebook Parties right now:

1. Use an Original Facebook Party Title or Theme: Give your invited guests a reason to join the Facebook Party by communicating that they will learn something of value. Or maybe you’ll solve a problem or be offering a super deal. For example, instead of “Jen’s Jamberry Facebook Party”  try “Fall Nail Wrap Trends – with Jen at Jamberry”. If you need inspiration, pick up a magazine that your customers might read, like Style, Real Simple or Glamour, and look to see what topics and trends are featured on the cover. There’s at least three Facebook Party theme ideas on the magazine rack in your Supermarket checkout line.

2. Use Original Graphics: I’ve seen the same version of a Roll Call graphic and verbiage posted at 22 Facebook parties and counting. No wonder customers are tuning out and flagging Facebook Parties as spam. Instead of using the same photo every direct seller is posting, use a picture of your actual hostess and make her the star of the show, just like you do at a home party. Above the picture of your Hostess ask guests how they know (hostess name) and if they’ll be joining in the live party. Post in your own voice so you’re speaking to your virtual party guests, and not at them. For your Ask Me A ? About My Job post use an original photo that communicates why you do what you do. For example, share a photo of you having fun with your hubby on an incentive trip, playing with your kids in the backyard, or a team selfie at your direct sales convention. Original pictures of your products are better than catalog-looking photos too. Better yet, ask your hostess and guests to share pictures of your products that they use and love and let your customers do the selling for you.

3. Go Live: Facebook Live is as original as you can get. There you are, doing YOU, live and in person. Guests don’t just tune in, they get to speak with you and have a two way conversation going on in the comments. Live-streaming offers a better customer experience which = better Facebook Party results. Go live for your introduction, go live for a Q & A “After Party” or ditch all the posts and do the whole party live. And coming soon: A Facebook Live update that will allow you to go live with two people, so you and your hostess can do the party together. My guess is party guests would tune in for that.

Does all this originality mean you can’t use a scheduling tool to schedule your Facebook Party? No. It just means you’ll want to edit photos and posts to change things up. And like Bill Murray in Groundhog Day, learn from what worked and what didn’t so you can improve and become better at holding Facebook Parties. Even Punxsutawney Phil would like that.

I’d love to hear what original ideas you have for your Facebook Parties. Please share in the comments below. Related Article: 7 Post Ideas For An Epic Facebook Party.

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