More Customers In 30 Days, Part 3: Ultimate Social Selling Tips

Note: This is Part 3 of a 5 part series, More Customers in 30 Days: 5 Awesome Strategies to Book More Parties and Attract Motivated People to Your Direct Sales Business

Contrary to the name, Social selling is not always about selling. It should really be called Social Connecting, which means using social media to add value, engage with customers, generate leads, build trust and rock your brand. No big pitches please. Speak in your own voice, and just be your awesome self. Here’s 10 Ultimate Social Selling Tips for Direct Sales and Party Plan Reps to help you get it right. #IhaveYourBack

1. Use the same personal profile picture on all your social sites, including your Facebook biz page and website. No one wants to follow a logo, or a product. Unless you’re Nike.

2. Add your Facebook biz page to your personal page to increase your online presence and LIKES. Go to >>> About > “Work” Section (of your personal page), click on the + sign and start typing in your biz page name. You’ll see your biz page pop up. Voila! Now go and delete all those other work references that link to nothing (hover over existing “work” titles and you’ll see what I mean).

3. Rock your personal brand. Are you funny, inspirational, sarcastic, quirky? Be YOU. Consistently. Avoid posts about religion, politics and how crappy you feel. Daily posts about how much coffee you’re drinking and how many times you went to the gym get pretty boring. When in doubt, take a selfie in your (parked) car. The lighting is great and for some unknown reason car selfies get tons of likes.  Take off your seat belt, and bring a tweezer.  Daytime car lighting is also great for plucking your eyebrows. Time saver bonus!

4. Keep the social in social media on your personal page: Tagging people on events and posts (unless someone is in the pic), adding people to your group without their permission and sharing “Join my team!” and “Buy my stuff!” posts with links to your website are all SPAM. Not cool.

5. To avoid Facebook jail, posts about your biz on your personal page should be written in a conversational style. In other words, write posts as if you are talking to your BFF. Selfies, kittens (puppies too), family pics and cute babies are all encouraged. If your post looks like an ad, and sounds like an ad, don’t post it. Your direct sales corporate office means well, but most of the  graphics they’re giving you look exactly like an ad, or are super salesy. Instead, keep it real and take your own pictures of your products or share fun pics of your parties and events.

6. Use video. Directly upload videos from your smartphone to get the most engagement on your Facebook biz page. For example, instead of posting a Hostess flyer, shoot a 30 second video of YOU sharing your excitement about the offer. Bonus tip: Always turn your phone sideways when shooting a video.

7. Avoid LIKE ladders and LIKING the biz page of friends who sell the same product for two reasons: 1) The more engaged fans, the better your rankings, the more your posts show up in the news feed. Like ladders tend to encourage likes-and-run 2) When you LIKE your friend’s biz page (who also sell for your  same company) they’ll be able to target friends of friends when they boost a post. That means your customers could see posts from another rep in their news feed. Yikes.

8. Use Hashtags to increase your reach and follow the trends. Do you know what #MCM, #TBT, #FBF, #WAHM, #transformationtuesday, #fridayfeeling and #SundayFunday are? Ask me! Most importantly, keep hashtags relevant to your posts and pics, or you’ll look spammy.

9. Use etiquette. Follow back, respond to comments/messages promptly and say thanks for shares, RT’s, reposts and mentions. Manners count in social media, just like in the real world.

10. Let your customers do the selling. Ask customers to share a pic of a product they purchased from you, or give you a shout out for a service you provided – and tag you. Check the comments for potential leads and follow-up, without being a creepy stalker. Social selling success!

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