5 Ways You Can Use Periscope for Your Direct Sales Biz


Over the last few months, members of my Visionista community have been nudging me to get on Periscope, a new live streaming app acquired by Twitter in April of this year. While Visionistas are a super fun tribe of amazing women whose opinions I value, I thought the same thing you’re probably thinking…

Another social media platform that I have to learn? Oy!

But…they didn’t give up on me, because that’s how Visionista’s roll. I finally gave in and jumped on the Periscope phenom, broadcasting from my direct sales conference with a scope titled:  5 Must-Haves for Your Direct Sales Conference. I was hooked! The very next day, I scoped during my social selling presentation. I’m a show vs. tell kind of girl, so using a new social media platform while speaking about social media seemed like a smart idea. By scope #3, my periscope train had left the station, and I was all aboard! Why? A (free) livestream app combined with audience feedback and a heart party sets Periscope apart from all the other social media platforms.

Here’s 5 Ways You Can Use Periscope for Your Direct Sales or Party Plan Biz

1. Product Reveal: Show your customers a new product via a live broadcast, and gain potential new customers at the same time. It’s kind of like creating your own home shopping channel. Want to know if your customers love your reveal? Ask them and get instant feedback in the chat. Your audience can also tap on the screen to share their love, with a show of colored hearts. At the end of the day, we all just want to be loved. ♥

2. Catalog or Collection Launch: Let your customers know your new catalog or collection has arrived, and invite them to shop your online store or book a party! Combine a new catalog launch with tip #1 and reveal a new exclusive product. Only available from…YOU!

3. Opportunity Scope: Or maybe we should call it a ‘scopeortunity’? I’m totally taking credit for making that up. Share 5 key reasons your direct sales biz is so awesome and invite your audience to ask questions in the chat. Close your scope with a call to action: type YES if you’re ready to get started or type a question mark if you need more information. Global domination comes to mind.

4. Training: Scoping is perfect for training your direct sales team and sharing how-to’s. Turn the camera on your computer screen to show slides or screen share, then back to you so your audience can see you live. The chat feature allows for questions and your team can share their love for your content with a heart party. And, did you know you can make your scope private? Click on the lock icon before tapping start broadcast and select the followers with whom you’d like to share your broadcast. Note: Private scopes require that everyone is following each other first.

5. Parties and Events: Yep, you can scope live from a party or event and invite guests and customers to tune in, shop and book their own scopeparty! I’m even inviting my Facebook party guests to tune in to a live scope during the Facebook party so I can show them products and pick prize winners, live and in person. I call it the Facebook Party After Party, which just sounds cool.

Me scoping about ways to use periscope for your direct sales biz

Important tip: Your scopes only last 24 hrs. If you want to save and repurpose your content click on “autosave broadcasts” in the settings and you’ll find your scope in your phone’s video gallery. Upload scopes to your Facebook biz page or groups, share on your YouTube channel and/or embed videos in a blog post (like I did on this blog!). After you upload your scope, go back and delete it so the video doesn’t use up all your memory.

I hope this blog opened your mind to all the ‘scopibilities’ Periscope can offer for your direct sales biz. Download the app and find me @LynnBardowski. I follow back. And I’ll give you some heart love.

Want a tutorial on how to get started on Periscope? Join me for my next Scope School for Direct Sellers on Tuesday, May 10 @ 9pm EST. If you can’t make the live class, a 7 day replay will be available so you can watch it anytime. Learn more here


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