Beginners Guide to Creating Your Own Facebook Live Show


Killing time during a recent flight delay I meandered over to the book store to pick up some magazines. While my first thought was to catch up on the gossip mags, the Fast Company magazine cover photo of Beyoncé with the heading: Create. Defy. Slay. was speaking to me. How did The Queen B know I was on the way to Wisconsin to keynote a Direct Sales Convention and needed to fire up my biz mojo? By the time I landed I felt super empowered and ready to make my own lemonade. There was one other blurb in the magazine that stood out: Facebook is predicting that video content will dominate the newsfeed within the next two years. As in, most of your newsfeed content will be videos.

With the rapid-fire growth of live-streaming, I’m not surprised. Get ahead of the curve now by creating your own Facebook Live show on your business page. I’ve been testing the concept out for you and the results are pretty astounding. I expected it would take weeks to build an audience and generate actual sales, but – surprise! – I generated sales on Episode 1. By Episode 4, I sold over $1,000. Not bad for 10 minutes of my time once a week. Well, it’s a little more than 10 minutes because you have to prep for your “show”, but still…pretty awesome, right? Results like that have never happened from posting a product picture, motivational quote or even a really funny #Caturday photo. Sidebar: These kinds of results are one more reason to go live on your Facebook Parties, too!

Move over home shopping channels! My Beginners Guide to Creating Your Own Facebook Live Show will help you get started today:

1. Name Your Show: Look no further than the ‘Guide’ button on your remote control to find inspiration and get your creative juices flowing. Create your own version of Diners, Drive-Ins and Dives, or maybe you’ll be wine-ing down, Kathie Lee and Hoda style. Whatever type of show speaks to you, rock your personal brand and highlight your unique talents. Your show should add value and include a how-to tip or advice.

2. Number Your Episodes: I take this “creating your own show thing” very seriously, and that includes numbering each episode – even if your show is only ten minutes long. Stay with me on this. If you’ve bought a TV recently, you might have noticed TVs are actually computers (what?!!) which means Facebook Live can be streamed on your TV. That makes you a TV Star! Numbering your episodes makes it easy for customers to reach out and ask questions about products they saw on the replay. I know this because I got this message a few days after my live show:

Hi Lynn. On episode 4 of the clearance sale is the fireplace warmer $20.00? If so, how do you order it? Let me know, thanks!!!” – Stephanie

Minutes later I got this message:

Hi Lynn!! Loving your Facebook live segments! It is like I get to spend time with you. I was wondering if I could book a show. I just moved so it would be a great chance to get my friends to my new house. I was thinking a Thursday night if you are available.”

True story.

3. Pick a Day and Time: You know the old saying, same bat time, same bat channel? Ok, if you were born after 1985 maybe you don’t know that saying, but trust me – consistency is key to building an audience. That being said, even I show up late for my 4pm-ish show or miss a broadcast due to family commitments. Life happens. Do the best you can to broadcast “around” the same time each week. Tip: Afternoons around 4pm EST and evenings after 8pm EST tend to be the best time to go live.

4. Keep It Simple: I know you want to show the world all your awesome products but less is always more. The secret to getting results is to highlight one product. That’s it. You want to give your followers a reason to come back next week, right? Share a how-to or tip about your one product and end the show with a call-to-action that includes a limited time offer (free video tutorial, invite to consult with you, prize drawing, gift with purchase, discounted shipping, etc). I went with a Diners, Drive-Ins and Dives meets GMA’s Steals and Deals theme, naming my show Candles, Clearance & Closeouts. My first show generated $300+ in sales. The home shopping channel should be worried.

5. Use Signs: Stop by the Dollar Store and pick up some bright colored 8½ x 11 poster board and magic markers to make handmade signs for your show name and your key points. Why? Because your show plays live in the newsfeed, and many will watch without clicking on it which means they can’t hear the audio. Your signs tell people what you’re talking about and encourage viewers to listen in. Fold the poster board in half so the signs fit in your camera view. An easy “hack” to backwards text (which might happen because of the”mirror” image on your front-facing camera) is to use dark marker on thin paper and turn the paper around so your sign is backwards to you, but frontwards to your viewers. If you have an Iphone you’ll find a fix for the glitch by clicking on the magic wand. That will open up features that include a tools icon. Click that and you’ll see the option for a horizontal flip. If you are streaming on your biz page you can also edit your video to add captions.

Sign Ideas:
Prize Drawing –  or Free Gift with Purchase
Oh No! This Ends Today
Special Sale For You
How-To Tip Or DIY Fun
(Your Show Name)

6. Pre-Promote Your Show: Get the ball (and the viewers) rolling by promoting your show a day or two ahead. Email your customers, share a fun graphic in your VIP group and post the details on your biz page. Take a picture of your new “studio”, which might really be a corner in your bedroom (we’ll keep that between us) to spread the excitement. You’ll want to go live for at least 10 minutes to give everyone enough time to find you and tune in. And, don’t forget to ask viewers to click on the “following” tab under your cover photo/video and check to get notified when you go live.

7. Get Some Cool Equipment: If cash flow is stopping you from live-streaming I have good news. You don’t need to break the bank on lighting, microphones and even tripods. Here’s everything you need to nail your show – on a budget. I got everything I need for under $50.00.

Can you create, defy, and even slay like the Queen B herself? Heck yeah.

Need more ideas? Check out what the big brands are doing and watch Benefit Cosmetics’ new show: Tipsy Tricks  Like the name implies, the show is about women drinking wine and sharing tips. Seriously, anyone can do this.

Want to see me going live? Go to the video tab on my Facebook Page to see replays of my live show for direct sellers, called Social Girl LIVE.

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Lynn Bardowski is an award-winning entrepreneur and bestselling author of Success Secrets of a Million Dollar Party Girl.  She speaks to global audiences about work-at-home success, vision and branding and is a resource for press, media and bloggers. Like her on Facebookfollow her on Twitter and subscribe to her YouTube channel. 

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