Smart Reasons to Start a Facebook Group


By guest blogger Heili Sillard, Creative Media at CinchShare

It’s true, Facebook hardly gives business pages visibility these days. We know it’s frustrating because you spend precious time coming up with a content calendar and creating your own awesome posts and then…crickets. Maybe you’ll get a like or two, a random share, and whoa – sometimes, on a full moon – you’ll even receive a comment! Well, don’t despair, we have great news for you; there’s a way to increase both your visibility and engagement. Facebook groups are here to save the day!

Facebook groups are a fantastic way to build a community of people who are interested about your business and will gladly interact with you. While it’s still important to have a business page so you are easily searchable on both Facebook and Google, a group provides a way for those who join to receive notifications of your posts (ahem, this means that they will actually see them!) and be able to do a search for a post via keyword. They will also start chatting with other group members and make friends. That’s how Jennifer, the CEO and founder of CinchShare, and I met. True story!

There are different visibility settings you can choose from for your Facebook group: Public, Closed and Secret. We suggest Closed so that your members have a sense of privacy and exclusivity but your group will still be searchable by name. Only the members will be visible, none of the content. You never want to add people to your group, but putting a Call to Action on your timeline and business page posts is a great way to drive them to join to learn more about your biz in a non-spammy way. You can achieve this by creating a niche group, which is basically all centered around content they’re interested in (healthy living, fashion, etc) and relates to your business, but it’s not directly about your business and products like a VIP group. So, essentially, you can have a ton of people join your niche group which means they will all become potential customers!

Facebook groups have a bunch of options. You can host events or classes, have flash sales and create custom albums to showcase your products. With CinchShare, you can schedule the albums to your group wall so that everyone can see what you have to offer but remember that a Facebook group should still adhere to the 80/20 rule of content marketing: 80% non-product posts to 20% product/business opportunity posts. You definitely do not want to spam your own group! Members will leave if they’re feeling sold to, so it’s important that you share a lot of valuable content and then let them know once in awhile what your Why is and how your products have changed your life.

Do you have a Facebook group? Let us know (in the comments below) how it’s working out for you.

heili-avatarAbout Heili
Heili manages CinchShare‘s social media platforms, marketing and design departments and considers herself one lucky duck. She loves that she’s able to utilize the program daily and stay at home to raise her 4 year old son. With her background in direct sales, advertising and graphic design, she considers her Creative Media position on the CinchTeam “the best job ever! It’s seriously all my passions rolled into one!”


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