More Customers In 30 Days, Part 5: Collaborate With Small Biz to Grow Your Direct Selling Biz


Note: This is Part 5 of a 5 part series, More Customers in 30 Days: 5 Awesome Strategies to Book More Parties and Attract Motivated People to Your Direct Sales Business

You want to meet new customers to grow your direct sales business, right? Turns out your local small biz owner does, too! Which means collaboration between direct sellers and small biz in your community is a match made in heaven. Get started by reaching out to people you personally do business with, who will be more open to listening to a ‘customer’, and focus your strategy on businesses that are the best branding fit. In other words, who sells to the same person you sell to?

Let’s get started.

Step 1: The List
Create a list of potential businesses that might include:

Wineries or Wine Shops
Spa/Yoga Studios
Kids’ Gyms/Dance/After-school programs
Olive Oil Tasting Rooms
Nail Salons
Hair Salons
Tea Rooms
Women’s Gyms
Coffee Shops
Ladies’ Golf Spots
Pottery Studios


Who else is a good fit for you?

Step 2: The Pitch
The best time to pitch is when you’re wearing your ‘customer’ hat. So while you’re having your hair done, stopping in for lunch or finishing up your work-out, ask to speak with the manager or owner. Then say something like this:

You: “Hi (manager/owner name)! My name is (_____)! I’m a woman business owner (reminds them it’s good for biz to help women) in the area. I’d love to refer you to my customers. I even have an idea for you that could help us both find new customers. Have you ever heard of a Pop-Up Shop?” LISTEN…then tell ’em about your awesome idea to Pop-Up at their location this week, with special offers and free door prizes for their customers – who will want to invite friends to join in the fun. Offer to provide a fun graphic they can share on their social sites to get the buzz going.

Hopefully the answer is “tell me more!” or “let’s do it!”

Ok, so the answer might not be, “Let’s do it,” but chances are they’ll give the idea some thought and set a date. Or, the manager/owner might need to get back to you. Leave a biz card, ask to get their biz card, drop a catalog (so they can see what you sell) and proceed to step 3.

Step 3: Follow Up
Yay! You got a business card!! LIKE their Facebook page and share it to show that you’re sincere about helping them grow their business. Follow up with an email – or better yet, write a personal note – to build the relationship. In the email, remind the manager/owner that you are a customer (love your ___!), and recap the details of your convo. End your follow up message with your next action step…”Call you in a few days to see if we can work together to boost your biz with a fun Pop-Up shopping event!”


Keep working your list until you’ve packed your calendar with at least two Ladies Night events per month -all held at no cost to you. You’ll grow your direct sales biz in the next 30 days by getting out of your inner circle of friends and family and meeting new people. Now get to it!

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