How to Use Periscope to Create a Facebook Party After Party


Leave your old-school Facebook party behind and jump on Periscope – Twitter’s new live-streaming app – to launch the most exciting thing to happen to your direct sales Facebook party since you found all those fun Minions graphics: The Facebook Party After Party! Or what I like to call the #ScopeParty! If you haven’t tried Periscope yet, it’s like taking a video selfie with all your friends tuning in to say hi. All you need is your phone to jump in.

Here Are 6 Steps To Use Periscope To Create Your Facebook Party After-Party

1. Invite guests to the After-Party: Swipe the image in this blog post to create a Facebook post graphic, or feel free to create your own graphic. Be sure to include the periscope logo so guests can find it in the app store. Add your scope handle, or other text, via the Photofy app or Canva. Post your cool graphic the day of the party with a message like this: “Hey everyone, who wants to join me for the After Party, via live-stream?! You’ll get to see your fave products live and ask questions. Download the Periscope app and follow me at @(your handle), then share your handle in the comments below. Have no idea what Periscope is? No worries, just download the app, follow me and you’ll get a notification to join the After Party. Easy peasy!” Bonus Tip: I use CinchShare to schedule all my Facebook party posts ahead of time, which is pretty awesome! If you want to give it a go you can get a FREE CinchShare trial here.

2. Engage with guests who comment: Respond to comments as guests ask questions and add their handles. Add a teaser, “Can’t wait to show you _________ during the After Party!” Or, “Yay! @guesthandle is joining us for the After Party. So excited!”

3. Get Ready for the After Party: As soon as the FB “live” event is over (mine are 30 minutes), go to the Periscope app to start your After Party broadcast. Click on the LOCK icon to invite the attendees in the Facebook party who are now following you. You’ll be able to pull up all their handles from the comments in the After Party post. It’s kind of like your guest list.

4. Go live: …with after party-worthy music playing in the background. It’s a party, right? Bring it! Start with your camera pointed at a catalog or product, then double tap to flip the camera on you. Say hello as everyone joins in; you’ll see them enter your ‘scope via the chat box. Share how to vote for faves with a heart party: tell them to tap the screen when they see something they love and suddenly colored hearts will appear to reveal your guests’ favorites. This is your chance to let your personality shine through and really connect and engage with your guests and customers. Wear a boa or tiara if that’s your thing, grab a glass of wine or put on your party hat. Yeah, you’re that much fun.

5. Show off some of the fan favorites: Include what’s on the hostess’ wish list…”(Hostess) just needs (#) more bookings to get this one. Who’s in?! Comment with a thumbs up!” Encourage Q & A. What do they want to see? What questions do they have?

6. Close with a call to action: Double tap the screen to turn your camera around again and point it at your computer, which should be opened to your website ordering page. Highlight important details including the URL, how to create an account, where to find special offers and how to learn more about your biz. Double tap again to say farewell, and offer a challenge to everyone who orders/books a party before the clock strikes midnight. End your scope by tapping at the top of your screen and you’ll see a drop down appear to end the broadcast. Even after-parties have to end sometime!

Ok, I lied. The party doesn’t have to end. Make sure you save your scope to your device (in the Periscope settings) and upload the video to the Facebook Party page. Anyone who missed all the fun can catch the replay. Last call!

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