7 Post Ideas for an Epic Direct Sales Facebook Party

7-post-ideas-for epic-facebook-parties

Stop the presses! And the posts!! I’ve been working on a new Facebook party strategy for direct sellers, and — break out the bubbly — it’s working! The idea was inspired by a decline in engagement on posts and lacking party results, which led to my Facebook party frustration. Suddenly, it dawned on me, what if I used all the success strategies that have worked at my home parties for the last two decades and translated them to a virtual online direct sales party? “It just might work,” said me. To myself. I put the plan into action and experienced ah-mazing results in a very short period of time. Can I hear a woot?!

Facebook party results after using this strategy for one month:

8 parties held
21 parties booked
$3,643 total sales
Average party: $455

Tweak and test to make this work for your biz!

7 Post Ideas for an Epic Facebook Party:

1. Introduce yourself. Success is a result of building relationships. Say hello and tell your new Facebook friends about yourself, which is exactly how you would open your home party. Who are you, what do you like to do, how many kids do you have? Broadcast your intro via Facebook Live and you’ll build the like, know and trust factor faster than you can say, “Helllooo new customer!”

2. Pass around a catalog. One of the first things I do at a home party is hand out catalogs so guests can shop and create their wish list = more sales and bookings. Why not use this same idea at an online party, simply by posting, “Are you new to (your company)? Text me your address and I’ll send you a catalog with a free sample!” This strategy creates a more personal interaction. I reply back by asking “What’s your fave type of fragrance?” so I can send a sample they’ll love. Include post-it tabs on the catalog to make browsing your catalog a fun at-home activity. If you don’t have affordable samples, get creative and text back a short how-to video as a sample of your product. For example, jewelry reps could create a “Daytime to Dazzle: 5 ways to makeover a little black dress” how-to video.

3. Roll Call. An hour before the party, ask for virtual guests to LIKE the Roll Call post if they’ll be joining – and share how they know the Hostess in the comments. This is a key strategy I use at home parties to uncover booking opportunities, who tend to be the Hostess’ close friends and family. A best friend will always help a friend out and book a party!

4. Fill The Cart. Share 5 product posts or videos (videos are way more engaging) focused on what I call a “do this, get this” offer. For example, PartyLite offers a 40% off item with a $50 purchase, so I’ll show a video of a $50 warmer with a post to buy 10 melts @ $50, and get the warmer 40% off. The link in the post will take them right to the Add to Cart page for the warmer – all in one click. Time saver posting tool: I use CinchShare to schedule all my posts, which allows me to post a video and add another link above it. I couldn’t imagine doing a Facebook Party without using CinchShare. It’s pretty awesome.

5. Pick A Date, Pick A Prize. A call-to-action to book a party is key in getting multiple bookings at home parties. Turns out it works for Facebook parties, too. Take a picture of 3 – 5 colored envelopes with your next available open dates on them. Post a fun prize offer with the envelope picture, sharing that when someone picks a date, you’ll open the envelope and reveal a prize. In the same thread (after everyone picks a date) post a picture of you holding a piece of paper with the prize on it, or shoot a quick video of the Oscar worthy prize reveal. …And the award for best booker in a party plan company goes to…(the suspense is killing me)…YOU!

6. Ask Me A ?. Playing a sponsoring game at every party is the fastest way to generate interest in what you do. And yes, it works for Facebook parties, too. Create an ASK ME A ? graphic and give prize points to everyone who asks a question about your job. Follow up to see who wants to learn more and shazam, you might find your next super star.

7. Door Prize Slip. Never leave home without your door prize slip, which is your lead generator and call-to-action all in one. Use Google Forms to create a virtual door prize slip that you can easily share (via a link) on your Facebook Parties. You’ll want to use open-ended questions vs. closed ended. For example, avoid the typical (and almost always a no answer) question “Do You Want To Host A Party?” Instead ask: What type of party do you like best? with several options to pick from: Facebook Party, Home Party, Catalog Party or Not Into Parties, But Like To Shop Online. See what I did there? I offered options which made it easy for guests to say yes to booking a party! Follow up using verbiage like this, “I see you selected Facebook Party. Yay! Do you have a weekday in mind?” Boom. You booked a party.

A really cool new update to Google Forms is the option to add a video or photo to your form.  Watch this YouTube tutorial to learn how  But there’s soooo much more google forms can do…click the option to get notified when there’s a new response and have a done-for-you-follow-up system with responses automatically sorted into a spreadsheet, along with an option to see responses in a visual format. And did I mention all this awesome sauce is free with your gmail account?

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