Tune in to inspiration, it can come from unlikely sources, including a photograph.  Upon returning from exciting travel destinations I would rush to develop my pictures (this was before digital). Much to my dismay a majority of my photographs did not turn out well. If I was going to pursue my dream of traveling the world, I better learn a little about photography so I could capture my memory making moments. Off I went to sign up for a community college photography class. One of the concepts I learned about was the “Power of the Triangle.” My professor shared that “triangles break symmetry and create odd numbered compositions, giving the eye a pattern to follow.”

It was as if a triangle fell out of the sky and hit me on the head. For years I had been teaching Customers about decorating in odd numbers. Now it all made sense. I could use the power of the triangle to create simple, attractive and eye appealing displays at vendor/expo events. A new idea, which I called “Triangle Marketing”, was born. Using this concept an attractive display can be set up in minutes by displaying your items in 3 varying heights. Utilize commonly found items including phone books, pots and boxes to add height to your display. Drape fabric or tablecloths to hide your secret props.  While your competitors are placing products or marketing collateral flat on their tables – your display will win best in show and attract the biggest crowd at your event. You can find examples of the power of the triangle everywhere. The Mona Lisa was a triangle, your family portrait has triangles and The Beatles are typically photographed in a triangle.

The photo on this page shows an example of Triangle Marketing, which you can apply to product or marketing collateral displays. How many triangles can you find?



In addition to using Triangle Marketing, here’s 3 tips (also an odd number) to rock your vendor/expo event:

1.  Connect with your ideal client. You have someone approaching your booth – now what? Stand in front of your booth to engage with a potential lead. Before you “throw up” on them by sharing how great your product or service is, find out if they are your ideal client. The easiest way to find out is to ask. For example, I sell candles so I introduce myself by saying, Hi! What’s your favorite candle scent?” That helps me connect with someone who wants what I’m selling. People love to share their opinions and tell you what they’re excited about (look at Facebook & Pinterest). The more a potential client is talking, the more chances I have to convert them to a Customer.

2.  Draw a crowd with a contest, sample or treat -even if it doesn’t relate to your product or service. When I sold printing the most crowded expo booth was a printing company who was giving away chocolate candy. They knew how to put a smile on people’s face and connect over a shared love for chocolate. A contest idea could be to fill a glass holder with M & M’s and give a prize to the person who can guess the count – it adds a fun factor to your table. When people are trying to figure it out you’ll have a captive audience to connect with and collect contact information for follow up. Email, cell phone numbers and twitter handles are king if you sell to Consumers. Ask if they are on Facebook, Twitter or Pintrest – you can follow or friend them before they’ve walked away from your table. Linkedin and Twitter are best for business to business. Use apps like CardMunch to connect live at the event. Once you find out someone is an ideal client, I highly recommend giving away a free sample. Samples  can be an actual product, a trial offer or a video/webcast. Always leave them wanting more.

3. Follow up. You did it! You used Triangle Marketing to create an awesome display, drew a crowd, connected with your ideal client, got their contact information and sent them home with a sample of your product! What’s next? If you’re social media savvy you’ve already connected on FB and commented on a picture of their kids or pet.  If FB/Twitter is a no – connect via Text. No one answers the phone and Consumers are inundated with email. Engage your potential customer a few days later by  asking if they enjoyed your sample and if yes, what did they like most about it? I like to use a survey with 1-5 ratings (private message on FB or text) so I can see what their interest level is. If the level is high, I follow up with an offer or coupon to close the deal. Voila! I have a new Customer.  Increasing your client base is just like dating. Start slow by letting them experience your product or service. Then you can move on to first base.

You have one minute to make a good first impression. An eye catching display will attract your ideal client and open the door to more opportunities. Always put your best vendor table forward.

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Lynn Bardowski is an award-winning entrepreneur and bestselling author of Success Secrets of a Million Dollar Party Girl. She speaks to global audiences about Direct Sales Success, Women’s Empowerment, and Social Selling and is a resource for press, media and bloggers. Follow Lynn on her social sites by clicking on the icons on the top left of this page.


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