7 Things a Work-At-Home-Mom is Grateful For


As I left my corporate career behind to start a home-based biz, I envisioned a blissful life of mommy-time with my then three and five year old daughters. The reality is, running a biz from home with two children in tow is easier said than done. Sneaking biz calls in between Barbies, nap time and loads of laundry was the equivalent of running a marathon on a gerbil wheel. Pretty exhausting. Gratitude took on new meaning as I found myself being thankful for small pleasures.

My Top 7 Work-At-Home-Mom Gratitude List:

1. A husband that can unstack a dishwasher. While dishwashers are very convenient, opening a clean dishwasher to find it needs to be unstacked is not much fun. I usually pretend I didn’t notice it was clean and close it back up. I’m super grateful my husband has figured out that it’s his job.

2. A Crock-Pot. An uber time saver that makes me look like I know how to cook. Thank you, Crock-Pot inventor!

3. Children that work for free. I’m blessed that my children never asked to be paid for all the work I delegated to them over the years. Thanks, kids!

4. Alone time. Is there anything better than locking the bathroom door to sneak in a bubble bath? I think not.

5. Dress up days. Most of my work-at-home days were spent in leggings with my hair in a ponytail, sans makeup. Thank goodness we didn’t have Skype or FaceTime back then. It gave me a new appreciation for the times I got to dress (and look) like a biz lady.

6. Campbell’s Cream of Mushroom soup. This magical can of goodness was all I needed to create an easy-to-prepare meal for my family that wasn’t cooked in a Crock-Pot. Instant comfort food!

7. Staples delivery. I quickly discovered my children did not consider running biz errands playtime. Thanks to Staples for delivering ink, copy paper and other biz necessities, and Pitney Bowes for inventing a home office postage machine. You rock!

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