5 Black Friday Facebook Tips Every Direct Seller Should Know


Black Friday has become more than a shopping tradition for early-risers sipping gingerbread latte’s as they hunt down bargains. The Friday after Thanksgiving kicks off the holiday season with a weekend-long palooza of mega sales and special offers, extending from Black Friday to Small Biz Saturday to Cyber Monday. Not to be outdone by the big box stores, direct sellers can partake by planning online vendor events, in-home open houses and fun virtual shopping events for their Facebook Group members (aka VIP Customers).

Whatever you choose to do, here’s 5 easy steps to use Facebook to create your ultimate one-stop holiday gift shop:

1. Create an event on your page: This might blow your mind, but did you know events created on a page are searchable and shareable? As in getting found on Google? Yep. It’s true. Use keywords in your title – [Company Name] Black Friday Sale – add an eye-catching copyright-free graphic from Canva.com and voila!, you’re in biz. Before you share, take a look at your event from your phone to make sure your image and event title are mobile friendly. Give customers a reason to click that ‘Going’ button by focusing on the total savings (Save up to $75!) in your event details vs. the cost.

2. Go Live at virtual and in-home events: Nothing builds the like, know and trust factor (and encourages sales) faster than your customer seeing your smiling face in their Newsfeed. Facebook Live creates a two-way conversation between you and your viewers, which will make your Black Friday sale stand out from all the Black Friday posts crowding the newsfeed. Facebook wants you to go live so bad, they’ll give your live video top priority in the newsfeed and tell all your fans to tune in. So go ahead, dust off your ugly Christmas sweater, wear your light-up reindeer antlers or put on your Santa hat for a very merry money-making weekend. When you’re done broadcasting go back and edit your video to include your website address.

3. Use Visuals When You Go Live: Make a few signs that explain what you’re talking about to encourage viewers to click and shop without having to hear what you’re saying. If you want to really get your viewers in a holiday shopping mood, pull your products out of a gift bag or box. Kind of like a magician. Without rabbits. And here’s a must-do Facebook Live Hack: Due to a FBL glitch, your front facing camera does not “mirror” your images so your signs will all be backwards. Not good. To fix this, put your text in a text box, then flip the box. Your text will now be backwards, which viewers will see as frontwards. And if you don’t have a printer nearby you can create the same effect with a dark black magic marker and thin paper. Write out your message and use the flip side of the paper. Got that? If you’re not going live, take a selfie with your handmade sign to communicate your awesome Black Friday sale. Include kids or puppies for extra Likes.

4. Include Hashtags: Use three to four hashtags on Facebook (otherwise you’ll look spammy) that are relevant to what you’re posting about. For example, if you’re giving away a free prize drawing on Black Friday use a popular hashtag like #FreebieFriday, but don’t use #FreebieFriday if you’re not actually giving away a freebie. My go-to hashtags for Black Friday weekend are: #FridayFeeling #FreebieFriday #BlackFriday #BlackFridayShopping #ShopSmall #SmallBizSat #WishList #GiftIdea #CyberMonday #ShopOnline #MysteryBox

5. Reward Your Group Members: Re-purpose your samples and products that are retiring at year-end into special prize giveaways for your Group members who shop. Prize drawing ideas include rewarding early-birds (first 10 who shop by 7AM!) and lifting your sales with bonus prize drawings – or a shipping discount –  for customers who spend $50, $75, $100 or more. You could also offer special gifts for group members who share the Black Friday love by posting about your sale on their Facebook Page. Note: I don’t recommend you ask to post your specials on your customers and friends pages…that makes you look like a spammer to all their friends, and to your friends who see you posting the same message multiple times in the newsfeed. Keep the Black Friday momentum and excitement going by using Facebook Live to pick your winners while you rock that Santa hat. Jingle all the way…to the bank.

Bonus tip: Here’s a simple test to help you get your Black Friday marketing right:

Take a look at what you’re about to post and ask yourself: Does the image look like an Ad? Does the verbiage sound like an Ad?
If the answer is yes, your post probably does not belong on Facebook.

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Lynn Bardowski is an award-winning entrepreneur and bestselling author of Success Secrets of a Million Dollar Party Girl.  She speaks to global audiences about Direct Sales Success, Women’s Empowerment and Social Selling and is a resource for press, media and bloggers. Like her on Facebookfollow her on Twitter and subscribe to her YouTube channel. 

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