Tabitha Brinkman Hosts an Author Chat with Lynn Bardowski

#1 Best-Selling Author of Facebook Party Secrets of a Million Dollar Party Girl

Get ready to ditch your comfort zone. Lynn’s superpower is empowering Direct Sellers to make more money doing what they love…and that includes rockin’ their online parties.

When Lynn’s family told her she was crazy to leave her full-time job to start a direct sales biz her response was, “Just watch me.” By the end of her second year, she’d made it to the top. And that was way before Facebook, or even Google. She remained a top leader and income earner for over two decades.

A Direct Sales expert featured on Huffpost, Forbes, CBS and FOX, Lynn is a speaker, producer-host of the Social Girl LIVE show and best-selling author of the Secrets of a Million Dollar Party Girl book series.

Read Lynn’s blog for Direct Sales success tips and how-to’s and follow her on Facebook @MillionDollarPartyGirl

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