20 Experts 20 Topics

Ready to amp up your 2014???

Are you tired of all those telesummits that have 15-20 speakers for an hour each?    That is 15 or 20 hours of time you need to set aside to learn what you need to and that is overwhelming. 


Jen Fitzgerald of The Client Angel and Chelsey Marie of Be Your Branding are changing things up and making your life easier but still getting you a ton of training from experts to get your 2014 off to a HUGE jumpstart.

I am thrilled to be part of the Video Genius Bar that will be bringing you some amazing experts for just $27.  It is called The Video Genius Bar…consider it the al la carte of training.  You get 20 videos up front on one page so you can pick and choose which you want to learn from at your own pace when you need it.  And…best of all, you have life-time access so you can go back and relook at them when you need a jolt for your biz.

Each expert has done a 10 minute video packed with tips just for you as well as a PDF document that summarizes what they are teaching you so you can print it out and take notes on it. 

This is 200 minutes of training…no fluff, just straight to the guts of what you need to know.  That is a little over 3 hours….not 20 hours of training…all for just $27!

When you invest your time and energy, you want a return on that….right?  Well…20 experts teaching you on multiple areas of your life and business is sure to help you get your business off to the jumpstart you need to make 2014 the best year ever!

To put this into perspective…$27 is less than a tank of gas or a happy hour out with friends.  You can’t change your business or life with either of those but you can with The Video Genius Bar!

Here are the speakers and a snippet of what you will learn from each of them…including me:

Jen Fitzgerald – How To Get Crazy Customer Love
Chelsey Marie – 5 Factors of a Daringly Successful Brand
Melanie Parker – 4 Tips To Never Run Out Of Bookings
Deb Bixler – How To Qualify Leads At Vendor Events
Sarah Robbins – Demystifying the Big Build
Lyndsey Baigent – Understanding Your Natural Gifts and Talents
Lynn Bardowski – More Customers in 90 Days
Natalie Hjelsvold – Mastering the Mom Entrepreneur
Kelly Paull – So, You Want to be Timeline Famous?  How to get your posts to show up and your fans craving MORE!
Teresa Garrison – Tools For Team Building
The Tag Team – Top 10 Mistakes Reps Make While Partying on Facebook
Kendra Kershner – The Best DIY Photography Tips
Nancy Goyla – 90 Days to Completely Transform Your Business
Elisa Bennett – 12 Day Detox
Tara Starling – Powerful Beauty to Bank On! The 3 essential components to creating your own personal brand of beauty that will instantly upgrade your credibility as an expert, make you stand out unforgettably from the pack, and automatically draw ideal clients to you!
Marla Mac – How To Get Rid Of Debt and Keep More Money
Desiree Wolfe – How to Use PR To Grow Your Small Business
Keri Murphy –  Video Secrets Revealed
Delilah Taylor – Is Your Love Boat Sinking?
Julie Anne Jones – Get in the Zone and Get Your Office Organized!

There is also a BONUS Training by Deb Shulman of Home Party Divas titled "Pitch Parties – What Are They and Why You Need Them For Your Business To Thrive".

What you will learn will set your goals on fire!
Check this out now!  I know this is going to make your 2014 amazing and for only $27!!!

Go get your Video Genius Bar today…you can thank me later when you have changed your life and your business 🙂

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Keep on dreaming big!
Lynn Bardowski