Direct Sales Training – Learn How To Hold Successful Facebook Parties and Vendor Events


Learn how to generate sales and book more parties from Vendor Events and Facebook Parties – and use Facebook Live to market your party plan biz online. These innovative Direct Sales eCourses are jam-packed with How-Tos and easy-to-duplicate strategies to help you succeed. Stop wasting time trying to figure it all out. We’ve got what you need right here.

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  • HUGE Thank YOU for your Facebook Party course!!! I've invested in learning all I can from Lynn Bardowski. STILL learning and improving every single day! Last Sunday I had a goal to sell $892 by Midnight...I sold $909 on Facebook. Did two FB LIVE parties (30 minutes each) and then some follow up through Private Messages and phone connections. LOVIN learning Facebook Tips, Techniques, Marketing and More! - Gwen Helmka, Signature Home Styles
  • "Hands down, Lynn Bardowski is one of the top women visionaries out there! She understands the needs of small business owners & what we have to learn to be successful. Lynn thinks outside the box & has a plethora of unique ideas, covering everything from marketing to networking to how to reinvent the party. When I listen to Lynn speak I have so many “aha” moments. I have taken a ton of courses with many “top” industry leaders & so many times I hear the same thing just repackaged or reworded. Not here; Lynn is the TOP, bar none! She shares everything you need to know to be a Million $ Party Girl in your own business! Thank you Lynn for sharing it all & for being so generous with your wealth of knowledge in the industry! I’m on my way to becoming a Million $ Party Girl, count me as one of Lynn’s Visionistas, a very grateful one for having found her!" - Judy Morris, Pure Romance with Judy

  • "While I was listening to Lynn speak on VISION, I realized that I didn’t have one and as a business owner, needed one ASAP!   She said that goals are just the stepping stones to your vision, and it clicked.  I have to stop focusing and worrying about my “goals” and work with the purpose and intention of following my vision and knowing that my vision may seem impossible to some, but it is mine and I will embrace it! .... with Lynn’s guidance, I was able to create my vision: 'To help everyone celebrate the milestones in their life...'  I know that along the way, I will help others because that is what a true Visionista does!" - Stacy McGuigan, Creative Celebrations Consultant

  • "Thank you so much for helping me brand myself. ...I now have a sense of purpose other than to just get someone to make a purchase. I've been "sharing your spark" with my friends so they can become visionistas. ...meeting you has helped chart the course of my future!"  - Brooke Gray

  • "If you want step-by-step instruction to move your business from struggling to thriving, listen to The Million Dollar Party Girl, Lynn Bardowski! Her Visionista University reveals intimate details of how Lynn's vision became reality. She holds nothing back and gives more precise content than any other entrepreneurial courses I have taken. Plus, it is like having a one-on-one conversation into all the secrets of success!" - Cindy Cipriani, Clear Path by Cindy

  • "Lynn Bardowski, Million $ Party Girl, seriously delivers with her ‘Visionista’ webinar series! I got everything she promised in the package and then some…great value for my investment! I would recommend Lynn’s series to any female entrepreneur who wants to expand her vision and ROCK her revenue!!” - Bonny Clayton, Your Web Chick

Killer Vendor Event Strategies

During this fun and informative eCourse, you’ll learn the strategies I’ve created after participating in hundreds of vendor events spanning two decades in direct sales. From setting up an awesome vendor table to getting more leads to following-up, I’ll share exactly what works (and what doesn’t) to increase sales, book more parties and achieve better results from your vendor events. Take this course if you want to stop feeling frustrated with mediocre vendor event results, or you feel that you’re wasting time and money at vendor events that are mostly vendors selling to vendors.

“I wish I discovered Lynn sooner! Lynn’s vendor tips are right on the money; not only does she address the pain points of vending, the caliber of information she provides to help us own the vendor event experience is priceless.” – Tia Johnson, CEO/Founder The Violet Sanctuary Spa

Your complete Vendor Event Training comes with a Webinar, 3 video tutorials and a Vendor Event Checklist (via PDF download)

Webinar: Killer Vendor Event Strategies – 37 minutes

You’ll learn:

  • Secrets to finding the best events and how to get free tables
  • Key questions to ask the organizer, before you say Yes!
  • How to attract more people to your table
  • 3 simple and easy-to-do display hacks
  • Calls-to-action that help you sell more products, book more parties and generate leads
  • How to get people to call you back

Video Tutorial 1: Essential Vendor Table Setup & Display Tips – 8 minutes

You’ll learn:

  • How to set up an actual display using my Triangle Marketing concept
  • How to use fabrics to create a visually attractive table
  • Cool and snazzy props that make your table stand out in the crowd

Video Tutorial 2: Most Effective Vendor Event Marketing Secrets – 7 minutes

You’ll learn:

  • Must-have visuals that get results, and how to display them
  • How to create an offer that generates more sales
  • Why using a tangible example of your hostess program is better than a flyer

Video Tutorial 3: Epic Vendor Event Calls-to-Action to Book More Parties, Sponsor and Generate Leads – 13 minutes

You’ll learn:

  • The most important CTA that helps you book more parties at vendor events…on the spot
  • What to give as a booking incentive at a vendor event, and a fun idea to create a sense of urgency
  • How to find out if someone is your ideal customer
  • Door Prize Slip do’s and don’ts for your vendor events
  • 3 open-ended booking and sponsoring questions to generate more vendor event leads
  • Why I don’t recommend giving an actual product as a door prize, and what works instead
  • The top reason I don’t bring cash and carry to vendor events

Vendor Event Checklist via PDF Download

The ultimate checklist to help you plan and prepare for a successful event. Don’t vendor without it!

Facebook Live for Direct Sellers

Can you really make money on Facebook Live? You can, if you know what to do. My first 3 broadcasts generated $1,000+ in sales for my direct sales biz. Crazy true. Facebook Live is the most ah-mazing social selling tool I’ve ever used, which is why I’m so passionate about teaching you everything you need to get started on Facebook Live right now. In this eCourse you’ll get 3 content-packed webinars/videos that will cover everything from why and how to get started on Facebook Live to ways you can monetize your broadcast. Don’t know what to talk about? I’ve got that covered too. Your complete Facebook Live eCourse comes with 2 Webinars, a Video Tutorial and 50 Live-Stream Topics For Direct Sellers (via PDF download).

“I’ve tried other training programs and webinars, but none of them have made an impact like Lynn, aka The Million Dollar Party Girl! With so many social media platforms out there our business is constantly changing. Lynn will test each one, see what is most effective and from there teach us! She is a leader at heart. Her webinars are amazing & give you everything you need to ROCK your online & in-home parties!” – Amy Lazovitz, Keep Collective Independent Designer

Webinar: Complete Guide To Live-Streaming – 48 minutes

You’ll learn:

  • Why live-streaming is a powerful tool to booking more parties and increasing your connections
  • Key differences between Periscope and Facebook Live
  • Beginners tips & tricks to get camera ready
  • How and where to go live on Periscope and Facebook Live
  • 3 Fun-Factors of live-streaming that boost engagement
  • A 12-Point checklist for live-streaming, from start to finish
  • 5 Facebook Live must do’s
  • What Facebook does while you’re on Facebook Live that might surprise you

Webinar: How To Use Facebook Live To Make More Money – 14 minutes

You’ll learn:

  • Actual results from going live on a Facebook Party, and why it worked
  • How to edit your video, optimize your reach & change your thumbnail: *available on a biz page
  • 5 Must-Use title starters that help you get more viewers
  • 7 Smart ways you can monetize Facebook Live for your Direct Sales biz

Video Tutorial: 5 Secrets To Being A Facebook Live Rock Star – 12 minutes

You’ll learn:

  • What colors to wear and background ideas for any space
  • Budget lighting tricks, gadgets and hacks
  • How to stay focused and remember your talking points
  • Essential call-to-action ideas
  • The #1 question to ask your viewers when you go Live

PDF Download: 50 Live-Stream Topics

Facebook Party Pro

From webinars to video tutorials to PDF printables, you’ll get everything you need to be a Facebook Party Pro! 

“…I’ve already seen a huge uptick in my business. Thanks to these informative webinars and the tips Lynn posts on Facebook, my team has grown by 25% and my personal sales have increased as well.” – Brittany Garcia

“Lynn’s ideas are spot on!!!! I LOVVVVE this strategy! It’s what we all needed! It’s so simple, plus the breakdown, it’s PERFECTION!!!!!” – Sara McGrath, Jamberry

Webinar: Facebook Party 3.0

You’ll Learn:

  • Hostess Coaching
  • What to say during your introduction to get guests to text you
  • Pre-party post objectives
  • Calls-to-action to increase bookings & sponsoring
  • What to do when you’re done going Live to make ordering easy
  • How to create a lead funnel

And if you wanna see an ACTUAL 30-minute Facebook Live party, you’ll get that too!

Webinar: Facebook Live For Online Parties

You’ll Learn:

  • Live-streaming your way to more results
  • 5 Secrets to Rock Facebook Live
  • How to edit your Facebook Live thumbnail, and more cool edits
  • How to fix the backwards text image glitch
  • How to go live from your Desktop, PC or Mac
  • tutorial: Schedule your Facebook Live broadcast to an event or group with up to 3 people broadcasting live

Bonus Videos:

  • Google Forms Part 1 & 2 – Learn how to create a virtual lead funnel with a built-in follow-up system, then learn the “secret sauce” behind the open-ended questions that will help you generate more sales, parties and recruits
  • Canva Tutorial – Part 1 & 2: How to create awesome Facebook Event photos – includes new photo sizing
  • How To Create An Event From Your Page – Part 1 & 2: Learn how to create an event from start to finish including insights, sharing and messaging for quick follow-up

Bonus Printables:

  • Hostess Coaching Checklist
  • Prize Palooza Game
  • 10 Smart Call-To-Action Ideas
  • Hostess Letter
  • Facebook Party Success Formula “Cheat Sheet”
  • Door Prize Drawing
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