Direct Sales Training – Learn How To Hold Successful Facebook Parties and Vendor Events


Learn how to generate sales and book more parties from Vendor Events and Facebook Parties – and use Facebook Live to market your party plan biz online. These innovative Direct Sales eCourses are jam-packed with How-Tos and easy-to-duplicate strategies to help you succeed. Stop wasting time trying to figure it all out. We’ve got what you need right here.

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Killer Vendor Event Strategies

During this fun and informative eCourse, you’ll learn the strategies I’ve created after participating in hundreds of vendor events spanning two decades in direct sales. From setting up an awesome vendor table to getting more leads to following-up, I’ll share exactly what works (and what doesn’t) to increase sales, book more parties and achieve better results from your vendor events. Take this course if you want to stop feeling frustrated with mediocre vendor event results, or you feel that you’re wasting time and money at vendor events that are mostly vendors selling to vendors.

“I wish I discovered Lynn sooner! Lynn’s vendor tips are right on the money; not only does she address the pain points of vending, the caliber of information she provides to help us own the vendor event experience is priceless.” – Tia Johnson, CEO/Founder The Violet Sanctuary Spa

Your complete Vendor Event Training comes with a Webinar, 3 video tutorials and a Vendor Event Checklist (via PDF download)

Webinar: Killer Vendor Event Strategies – 37 minutes

You’ll learn:

  • Secrets to finding the best events and how to get free tables
  • Key questions to ask the organizer, before you say Yes!
  • How to attract more people to your table
  • 3 simple and easy-to-do display hacks
  • Calls-to-action that help you sell more products, book more parties and generate leads
  • How to get people to call you back

Video Tutorial 1: Essential Vendor Table Setup & Display Tips – 8 minutes

You’ll learn:

  • How to set up an actual display using my Triangle Marketing concept
  • How to use fabrics to create a visually attractive table
  • Cool and snazzy props that make your table stand out in the crowd

Video Tutorial 2: Most Effective Vendor Event Marketing Secrets – 7 minutes

You’ll learn:

  • Must-have visuals that get results, and how to display them
  • How to create an offer that generates more sales
  • Why using a tangible example of your hostess program is better than a flyer

Video Tutorial 3: Epic Vendor Event Calls-to-Action to Book More Parties, Sponsor and Generate Leads – 13 minutes

You’ll learn:

  • The most important CTA that helps you book more parties at vendor events…on the spot
  • What to give as a booking incentive at a vendor event, and a fun idea to create a sense of urgency
  • How to find out if someone is your ideal customer
  • Door Prize Slip do’s and don’ts for your vendor events
  • 3 open-ended booking and sponsoring questions to generate more vendor event leads
  • Why I don’t recommend giving an actual product as a door prize, and what works instead
  • The top reason I don’t bring cash and carry to vendor events

Vendor Event Checklist via PDF Download

The ultimate checklist to help you plan and prepare for a successful event. Don’t vendor without it!

Facebook Party 2.0: Next Generation

This course has everything you need to learn to hold a successful direct sales Facebook Party, including the most important changes you need to make to your Facebook Party right now to maximize sales, bookings and sponsoring leads! You’ll get tips for your graphics, event creation including your cover photo and title, party posts, calls-to-action to book parties and generate leads – and even how to use Facebook Live on your Facebook Parties.

“…I’ve already seen a huge uptick in my business. Thanks to these informative webinars and the tips Lynn posts on Facebook, my team has grown by 25% and my personal sales have increased as well.” – Brittany Garcia

“Lynn’s ideas are spot on!!!! i LOVVVVE this strategy! It’s what we all needed! It’s so simple, plus the breakdown, it’s PERFECTION!!!!!” – Sara McGrath, Jamberry

Your complete Facebook Party training eCourse comes with a one hour webinar, a Facebook Party makeover (of an actual party) so you can see the ideas you learned put into practice and 3 bonus PDF downloads: 10 Smart Call-To-Actions For Facebook Parties, Hostess Coaching Tips & Door Prize Question Examples.

Webinar: Facebook Party 2.0 Next Generation – 1 hour

You’ll learn:

  • An easy tip to book more Facebook Parties right now
  • 5 tips to better Hostess Coaching = better Facebook Parties
  • Why your Hostess needs to send personal invites before your event goes live
  • The why and how of creating an event on your business page
  • Where to find inspiration for your Facebook Party titles
  • Should you party in a Facebook Group?
  • 3 key objectives of every introduction post
  • What to post before party time to learn more about your guests
  • Essential calls-to-action to increase product sales
  • How to use Facebook Live for an “After Party”

Behind-the-Posts Video : Facebook Party Before And After – 23 minutes

I’ll take you behind the posts to show you an actual before and after party makeover. You’ll see all of the strategies you learned in the Facebook Party 2.0 webinar put into practice.

You’ll Learn:

  • How we updated the cover photo and event title to attract more people to join the event
  • What we did to the introduction to make the post more engaging
  • How we created the desire to buy products before the party started, and the CTA we added to each post to generate more sales
  • What changes we made to the typical “cute Cat photo”
  • A creative tip to make your Hostess the star of the party during your “Roll Call”
  • The #1 thing you need to add to all your party posts to get more results
  • A surprising update we made to the booking and sponsoring CTA posts, and two magic words that boost engagement

Plus: Your eCourse Includes 3 PDF Downloads

  • Top 10 Smart Call-To-Action Posts For Facebook Parties
  • Hostess Coaching Tips
  • Open Ended Question Examples For Your Door Prize Slip *create a virtual DPS using Google Forms or make a graphic if you’re not techie

Facebook Live for Direct Sellers

Can you really make money on Facebook Live? You can, if you know what to do. My first 3 broadcasts generated $1,000+ in sales for my direct sales biz. Crazy true. Facebook Live is the most ah-mazing social selling tool I’ve ever used, which is why I’m so passionate about teaching you everything you need to get started on Facebook Live right now. In this eCourse you’ll get 3 content-packed webinars/videos that will cover everything from why and how to get started on Facebook Live to ways you can monetize your broadcast. Don’t know what to talk about? I’ve got that covered too. Your complete Facebook Live eCourse comes with 2 Webinars, a Video Tutorial and 50 Live-Stream Topics For Direct Sellers (via PDF download).

“I’ve tried other training programs and webinars, but none of them have made an impact like Lynn, aka The Million Dollar Party Girl! With so many social media platforms out there our business is constantly changing. Lynn will test each one, see what is most effective and from there teach us! She is a leader at heart. Her webinars are amazing & give you everything you need to ROCK your online & in-home parties!” – Amy Lazovitz, Keep Collective Independent Designer

Webinar: Complete Guide To Live-Streaming – 48 minutes

You’ll learn:

  • Why live-streaming is a powerful tool to booking more parties and increasing your connections
  • Key differences between Periscope and Facebook Live
  • Beginners tips & tricks to get camera ready
  • How and where to go live on Periscope and Facebook Live
  • 3 Fun-Factors of live-streaming that boost engagement
  • A 12-Point checklist for live-streaming, from start to finish
  • 5 Facebook Live must do’s
  • What Facebook does while you’re on Facebook Live that might surprise you

Webinar: How To Use Facebook Live To Make More Money – 14 minutes

You’ll learn:

  • Actual results from going live on a Facebook Party, and why it worked
  • How to edit your video, optimize your reach & change your thumbnail: *available on a biz page
  • 5 Must-Use title starters that help you get more viewers
  • 7 Smart ways you can monetize Facebook Live for your Direct Sales biz

Video Tutorial: 5 Secrets To Being A Facebook Live Rock Star – 12 minutes

You’ll learn:

  • What colors to wear and background ideas for any space
  • Budget lighting tricks, gadgets and hacks
  • How to stay focused and remember your talking points
  • Essential call-to-action ideas
  • The #1 question to ask your viewers when you go Live

PDF Download: 50 Live-Stream Topics

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