How To Succeed in a Home-Based or Direct Sales Business – Amazon #1 Best Selling Book Series for Work-At-Home-Moms & Network Marketers

Learn how a working Mom left a corporate career to become a Direct Selling Superstar

Success Secrets of a Million Dollar Party Girl is an inspiring book for direct sellers and network marketers, taking you through the steps of what it takes to make your direct sales business a profitable, full-time career. Written by a working Mom who left a successful corporate career to follow her passion and purpose, Bardowski shares how she overcame fear and failure to build a multi-million dollar direct sales downline, mentoring thousands of women to succeed along the way. She writes about how she got to the top, and stayed there for over two decades, sharing the lessons learned along the journey with authenticity and humor. Lynn’s writing style is described as “a fun voice, as if you were having a conversation with your girlfriend over a glass of wine.” A short, quick read, “Success Secrets” is recommended for direct sellers and seasoned leaders who want to get unstuck, ignite their vision and make more money doing what they love.

You’ll learn practical advice from a top direct sales leader who has walked the walk for over two decades, with how-to’s and tips to help you get from here to there.

Bardowski’s 10 direct sales success tips include:

  • How to step into your power and stop worrying about what other people think
  • How to find your WHY – and connect with your passion and purpose
  • Why lack of vision might be the #1 thing holding you back
  • How to get unstuck when your direct sales business falls apart
  • Why hard work alone will not make you successful
  • How to balance being a work-at-home Mom
  • Plus: helpful resources, apps and networking groups

Each chapter in the paperback includes a note-taking section at the end, so you can make a plan and take action on what you learned. This book can also be used as a resource for Team training and recognition.

If you’re in the party plan business, share this book with your direct sales team and inspire others to believe in themselves, aim higher and dream bigger. Together we all achieve more.

A step-by-step online party strategy for Direct Sellers and Network Marketers to have successful online parties

Facebook Party Secrets of a Million Dollar Party Girl is an innovative Facebook Party guide that includes everything from a notifications workaround, to how to create events people want to join, to the latest and greatest in your online party toolbox – Facebook Live.

With this second book in Lynn’s Direct Sales Success series, you’ll learn how to stop “scrolling overwhelm” and “refresh frustration” to create a better online party that builds stronger relationships – encouraging guests to buy, book and do what you do!

If you want to lead your team into the future, the time to start learning how to do an effective online party is right now. Why? Because Facebook Parties are a growing trend for Direct Sellers and Network Marketers who want to connect with their Customers where they are, bringing relationship selling to an online party format. And for many, that place is Facebook.

An Award-Winning Entrepreneur recognized as one of the top 101 Women in eCommerce, Lynn Bardowski has led the way to direct sales success for over two decades. As a top Leader building a multi-million dollar downline, Lynn is one of the few Direct Sales experts who does what she teaches, testing out her strategy by holding 40 Facebook Parties in 90 days. Unafraid to blaze new trails, Lynn was a Periscope early-adopter, creating the first live-stream After Party to increase Facebook Party engagement and results. Then came Facebook Live, and wow! Bardowski quickly saw that live-streaming creates an online party experience that is most like an in-home party, leading to a better experience for both the Consultant and Guest.

In this 10 step Facebook Party success guide readers will learn:

  • How to get started booking Facebook Parties
  • Hostess coaching tips for online parties
  • How to create an event people want to go to
  • How to use Facebook Live to have better results
  • How to build attendance and orders
  • How to create engaging pre-party posts that help you learn more about your guests
  • Key calls-to-action to generate more leads
  • How to follow-up after the party
  • Plus: Apps and Resources for Facebook Party content & scheduling

As Lynn says, “just keep clicking.” Which is good advice for life, too.


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5 STAR Reviews!


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5 STAR Reviews!

  • "I'm a direct sales leader with a team of 6,000 and this was a great and inspiring book! It really takes you through the steps of growing your direct sales business to a place that is not only profitable, but fun! I'd highly recommend it for new distributors and seasoned leaders alike! It's a quick and easy read." - Michelle B.
  • "Lynn doesn't just tell you how SHE did it– she also tells you how YOU can do it! She really lets you in on her life– the ups AND downs, in an engaging style, while sharing practical tips to help us all become successful. I have been working for 25+ years and still found inspiration to do more and do it better. Read this book!" - Debbie Moore, Vice President, Corporate Communication, Cubist Media Group

  • "After reading Success Secrets of a Million Dollar Party Girl by Lynn Bardowski, I now affirm who and where I am as an entrepreneur.  Lynn's book gives every woman an opportunity to see, through her eyes, what it's like to live with purpose and passion..." - Beverly Mahone, #1 Amazon Bestselling Author of How to Get on the News Without Committing Murder

  • "You will actually get something out of this book. I've read a lot of self help books for entrepreneurs, and find a lot of them a bit too impractical or heavy laden with ego or nonsense. This is an honest, fun to read blueprint toward success which includes resources and a great story of one woman's rise to success. Even though I feel as though I am past a lot of the more simplistic self-helpy women in business books, I did walk away from this one feeling refreshed and inspired. It's a great drink of water if you are having a vision-thirsty week! Buy it and send it to friends too!" - L.L.H., Lynda Hinkle Law

  • Read The Pregnant Entrepreneur's Book Review of Success Secrets of a Million $ Party Girl.

  • "I just finished reading the e-book, and feel as if I've captured some of the authors glow. She has a way of making you feel empowered and able to accomplish whatever you seek. Your attention is captured by her humor, her personal stories, and even her setbacks - you will find answers to questions/conflicts you most certainly have experienced, and most likely will come away with a clearer focus to help you get to where you want to be. Kudos to Lynn Bardowski for an energetic, fun read - thanks for the motivation!" - Lisa Hargraves

  • "This book is worth more than a million dollars! You can’t put a price on unlocking the secrets to being comfortable in your own skin, and igniting that passion inside of you so you can share your glow with the world!  Bardowski’s a leading visionista for her time, who makes you want to go out there, live your dreams, while looking good, and enjoying a good glass of wine on the side!" - The Lady in Red (a.k.a. Laura Madsen) 

Quotes Lynn likes


“Failure is necessary to succeed and will become your biggest blessing.” —Lynn Bardowski

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