The #1 Vendor Event Mistake Direct Sellers Are Making

When someone approaches your vendor table, what do you say to find out if they might be an ideal client?

I asked that question on my Facebook Page last week expecting to get about 10 comments, maybe 20 at the most. But nope. I didn’t get 10 comments.

212 comments and 46 shares later a simple question about vendor events reached 21,251 people. Proof that Facebook really does show posts on a business page when the content connects with your audience.

The post received tons of engagement because I unknowingly discovered a big vendor event mistake that direct sellers are making within seconds of someone approaching their table.

It turns out, most direct sellers who are participating in vendor events don’t have a question prepared to determine if the person approaching their table has their eyeballs on their door prize drawing – or if they’re really interested in what they have to offer.

Why is this important? Because if you are spending time with the “pro” door prize filler-outer (they enter prize drawings like it’s their job), then you might miss making a connection with someone who actually wants to do business with you. And, you’ll have a gift bag full of door prize entries from people who will never call you back because they just stopped by your table for your freebie.

So, instead of asking what every other vendor is asking when someone approaches their table, which might sound like:

“Hi! Have you ever heard of (fill in the blank with your company name)?!”

Try this instead:

Brainstorm with your Leader or sponsor to create the ultimate qualifying question for your vendor events. A qualifying question is the key question you ask when a vendor event attendee approaches your table to determine if they might be a lead. If yes, those are the people you want to have conversations with and encourage to fill out your door prize entry.

If no, send them over to the next table. Which I’ve done.

For example, if you sell candles or scent melts stand in front of your table holding a few scent samples and ask:
“What’s your favorite fragrance..fruity, good-enough-to-eat, fresh & clean or something woodsy?” ….as you hand them a scent to smell based on their reply.

Potential replies from attendees:
Kathy: I have asthma and I’m allergic to scents (not a lead)
Lauren: I don’t use this stuff because my husband hates smelly candle melt things (also not a lead)
Alyssa: I’m in love with candles…and I have a stinky dog which is why I use them in every room! This scent smells amazing! (ding. ding. ding. this person is a hot lead)

To get started, here are some general qualifying questions I came up with that might relate to what you’re selling. Work with your Leader or sponsor to fine tune your qualifying question (this can be a fun activity for your team too) and test it out at your upcoming vendor events. Odds are you’ll get better results than if you ask, “Have you ever heard of (your company)?”

Qualifying Questions For Vendor Events Based On Product Type:

Anti-aging Skincare: What’s your biggest concern… forehead, eye area or neck and chest?

Kitchen Gadgets/Cookware: Are you a stovetop, microwave, crockpot or take-out kind of cook?

Lingerie: When was the last time you were fitted for a Bra?

Cleaning: How many cleaning products are under your kitchen sink?

Lipgloss/Makeup: Do you have more lipstick or lipgloss in your purse? [ OR ] Do you prefer a natural look or are you more of a glam girl?

Tea: What’s your favorite tea flavor…herbal, fruity or something cinnamony?

Organization/Totes: What room in your home is your biggest clutter nightmare?

Personalized Jewelry: Where did you go on your last family vacation? (show charms based on their answer. Example: beach, Disney, camping, cruise, etc…)

Fashion: What’s your favorite wardrobe essential for this time of year? [ OR ] Do you have any special events coming up (like Holiday parties)? [OR] What’s your go-to daytime outfit?

Romance products: When was your last date night?

Hair Clips: Do you prefer to wear your hair up or down? or, Do your hair accessories make your head hurt?

Books: What’s your Child’s (or Grandchild’s) favorite book?

Pamper products: When was the last time you had some “Me Time?”

The following suggestions came from members of our community who commented on the Facebook post I mentioned:

Kelly Preski suggested this for Jewelry: Do you prefer understated jewelry or big and bold?

Ann Marie Butler has a great question if you sell Accessories: What is your must-have daily accessory?

Dana Youst nailed it if Nail Wraps are your thing: How often do you paint your nails?

You can check out the Facebook post here.

Let me know in the comments what qualifying question you’ll be using at vendor events this season! And if I missed a product you sell, tell me what it is and I’ll see what I can come up with for you. 🙂

Happy Vendoring!

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