What No One Tells You About Booking Parties


You’ve tried everything to book more parties. I’m talking the dice game, pick a date pick a prize, pop a balloon, heck, you even brushed your teeth before you left the house, but no one will book a party with you. All that rejection is starting to mess with your biz mojo. What no one tells you about booking parties is that lack of belief and fear of rejection are the real reasons your guests are saying no. Turns out, customers are just like us.

The first sign of a no answer usually starts with customers avoiding eye contact every time you mention the word “book” or “booking” (by the way, please don’t mention those words). It’s not you. It’s the evil twin in your customer’s head who’s whispering “No one will come…and what if no one buys? We’ll look like such a loser.” Twinnie keeps at it with, “The family room is so outdated. Do you really want your friends to sit on the couch the dog tore up?” Ugh. She’s such a party killer.

Kick that evil biatchitude out by using direct booking seeds to build belief and overcome booking fear. Here’s how it works:

Direct Booking Seeds: A direct booking seed plants the idea that a specific guest will have an awesome party, focusing on the experience.

Ask the guests a specific direct question…

You: “Anyone have a pool?” said with positive body language….

Pool-lover Linda: “Me! It’s built-in too.”

You: “What?! Have any pictures? I’m sooooo coming over to hang out with you!”

As Linda pulls up pics of her awesome pool on her phone the guests chime in…

Guests: “OMG Linda! You should have a party. We’d love to see your pool!”

See what you did there? The guests are all picturing themselves chillaxing around Linda’s pool with a margarita in their hand, while Linda is picturing her backyard full of friends having fun. You just booked a party.

Or, try this one:

You: “Who are my wine lovers?!” Even you’re raising your hand for this one!

Wendy Wine-Oh: “Guilty!”

You: “Woohooooo! Wine-down Wednesday at your house! Should we do red or white?”

Guests: “Wendy, that would be so fun. I’ll come! And I vote for red.”

You: “Did someone say wine? (yeah, you) I’ll come!” <wink>

Guess what happens next? All the guests chime in, encouraging Wendy and Linda to host a party. You just sprinkled pixie dust in the air, building their belief that people want to come to their party and they won’t feel rejected.

You’ve overcome all the booking fears, making it easy for customers to say, “Yes!”

But wait, there’s more!

Using direct booking seeds to book one or two parties during the party creates the momentum to book even more parties when you’re one-on-one with the guests at order time. Let’s face it; no one wants to be left out. Including your Hostess.

Recognize your hostess during the party and share how great she is by saying,

“Ashley is da bomb! She only needs 2 more parties to get all her goodies tonight! Woohooooo!”

When in doubt, just keep saying Woohooooo! Or, Woot! They’re kind of interchangeable.

You probably saw this coming, but guess what typically happens when you help the guests with their order? Yep. A few will ask if Ashley met her goal, and will offer to help a girl out if she needs one more booking.

You just booked four parties. Thank you. Thank you very much.


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