Sharing a happy moment with my Sister

Sharing a happy moment with my Sister

In case you haven’t heard, the United Nations has declared March 20 International Happiness Day. #HappyDay

In April 2012 the first ever UN conference on Happiness took place in New York and in July 2012 the UN General Assembly adopted a further resolution which decreed that the International Day of Happiness was to be observed every year on 20 March. It was celebrated for the first time in 2013. –

Many of the women entrepreneurs I know (including me) declared their happiness the day they left their “real jobs” to define life, and fulfillment, on their own terms. I discovered that six of the 10 keys to happiness listed on the Action for Happiness website are traits that women entrepreneurs embrace every day:

  • Connect with people
  • Keep learning new things
  • Have goals to look forward to
  • Find ways to bounce back
  • Be part of something bigger
  • Take a positive approach

Based on my unscientifc research, it would seem that women who take risks and accept change have figured out how to be happy. I dug deeper, reaching out to women entrepreneurs who are leading the way as CEOs, mentors and community advocates to ask them what being happy means to them. They all shared similar stories of connecting with people, making a difference and being true to themselves. Maybe the UN should have consulted with women entrepreneurs first!


Aliza Sherman on HappinessAliza Sherman, @AlizaSherman – Web Pioneer, Author, Speaker and Digital Strategist

What makes me happy is seeing my young daughter becoming her own person – a strong, joyful, intelligent human being who is friendly and social, admired by her peers, and incredibly kind-hearted. I marvel at the miracle of all of this given my tumultuous journey from holding onto a pregnancy to pulling through a dark year of post partum depression. Her smiles, her singing, and her laughter is happiness every day.


Lisa Bien on HappinessLisa Bien, @LisaBien – Marketing Guru, Author, TV Host, Red Head

Being with my sons, Jacob and Ari, makes me happy. Some of our greatest memories are of when we we’re simply doing nothing but spending time together. – That is what makes me happy.


Kristina Bouweiri, @RestonLimo – Transportation Trailblazer, Mom of 4, Founder of

What makes me happy is being home with my four children, spending time with our ten pets, surrounded by fresh flowers and great music and food.



Nancy Victor on HappinessNancy Victor, @MakeWoo – Founder of Make Woo, delivering unexpected sexy fun to women everywhere

I love to laugh and not take myself too seriously; so, happiness for me can be found in being myself and being surrounded by those I adore. Happiness is also using my God-given talents to make a difference in the lives of women by helping them embrace their inner Woo.


Diane Bertolin on HappinessDiane Bertolin, @TheCollectivePC – Social Media Strategist, Mentor, Cat Lover

Happiness comes to me in all parts of my life.  It is in the good morning kiss from my partner or the endless purrs that my cat gives at the slightest touch of my hand.  I find happiness in the tweets of a bird or in a passage I am reading. It comes from giving to my clients and being able to receive from my peers. Happiness shows itself in a meal or night out with the girls.  It comes from knowing that happiness is universal to all and we are all worthy of it.  It is knowing that it is never too far away and believing it will come no matter what the outside world looks like.

Clarissa Silva, +ClarissaSilva  Behavioral Scientist, Clinician, Researcher, Blogger and Entrepreneur

Seeing my work impact people’s lives makes me happy. As a behavioral scientist that created a re-engineered clinical model on my tongue-in-cheek blog, my only hope is that my work can impact at least one person.  Comments from readers telling me things like: “Damn you just made me cry, keep writing I so enjoy reading it.”-CK or, “Thank you. This post came through to my email at the exact moment I needed it most. I just sat in a parking lot and cried,”  inspires me.

Even singer/songwriter Pharrell Williams has joined the Happiness movement with a song titled, simply, Happy. Post a YouTube video or Instagram to using #HappyDay and Pharrell will highlight the top picks at noon on March 20.  While you’re there, clap along and support the UN by making a donation.

If you need a pick-me-up get out your dancing shoes and hit play.


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