How to Use a Facebook Group to Lead Your Direct Sales Team

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What does a Facebook Group – which some might consider a time-sucking biz distraction – have to do with Leading your direct sales team? Everything. Done right, a Facebook Group can be a powerful influencing tool, and the most successful direct sales Leaders know how to use influence to inspire and motivate others to take action.

Stop looking at a Facebook Group as something you have to find time to manage. Start looking at it as a tool to broadcast your vision, train your team and develop your next generation of Leaders.

93% of Biz Leaders who actively participate in social media build better connections with their team.” Source: INC.

Create your Facebook Group: If you haven’t done it already, the first step is to create a secret group for your team. Why secret? Because you don’t want to give away the names of your entire Consultant team to competitors. Closed groups are searchable and members are visible to the public, which means anyone can troll your group and even friend request your members. I’m thinking you probably don’t want that. Empower your Leaders by making them admins so they can add new team members and schedule posts.

Add a description: The description section is a great place to communicate your vision, recognize your Leadership team, and share guidelines and rules. Put your vision at the top and list names of Leaders (and ranks)…and anyone else you want to highlight, which might include Consultants and Leaders who’ve received national recognition from your company. Specify what content will be posted on specific days so group members know what to expect, and when.

Monday Motivation
Tuesday Tip
Work-It Wednesday
Thankful Thursday
Friday Brags
Selfie Saturday

Group Photo: Your cover photo should be updated frequently and used as a tool to recognize and inspire. Feature photos of your Leadership team, star Consultants, incentive trips and challenge achievers. Trust me…Consultants will be motivated to become a “cover girl” and come back to see who’s being featured.

Pinned Post: Click on the upside down arrow  in the upper right corner of any post and you’ll see an option to pin the post to the top. For example, lead the way and go live the first day of each month to share all the awesome sauce coming up (hostess specials, incentives, challenges, etc.) and pin your video to the top so it’s the first post members see. Downside: Mobile users have to click on “view pinned post” to see it.

Posts: You don’t have to run your group all by yourself. In fact, delegation increases morale, confidence, and productivity! Shine a light on your newest Consultants by asking them to share the Monday Motivation quote, delegate Tuesday Tips to top achievers and use BeLive.TV (go live on Facebook with 2+ people) to interview a rock star and share their success story. Lead your team by empowering Consultants, celebrating successes and responding to questions and struggles. A Leader should always be positive and solution focused.

Events: Use events for everything from a sales challenge, to a Booking Blitz, to product launches, to a quarterly Book Club. Communicate with your Leadership team so they can boost engagement by tagging their teams and commenting on posts. Create a buzz and build momentum by delegating training topics, encouraging guest speakers to use Facebook Live to share a quick how-to tip (posted in the event). For example, ask a Consultant or Leader who has the highest guest attendance at events to share the what, how, who and why of boosting attendance. Recognize effort, progress, and results throughout the challenge period to build confidence and influence success!

Files: Use your files to provide more resources for Consultants, including hostess coaching letters, sponsoring follow-up, social media tips, and party games.

Photos: Photo albums can be a valuable resource for both team-building and training tips. Team-building albums can include: Leadership Retreats, Conferences, Customer Events and Incentive Trips. Training photo album ideas are: vendor table display ideas, product photos, motivational quotes, social media graphics, hostess coaching and fast start tips.

Polls: Polls can be used as both a motivator and a communication tool. For example, take a reality check and create a poll to find out how many parties your Consultants have booked for the month. Polls can help you plan relevant training topics and identify opportunities to reach your team goals.

You can find these features in the left sidebar or click on the more tab in the “write something” area:

Most importantly, lead by taking risks and be vulnerable. Let your team know when you’re trying something way out of your comfort zone – and show them how you get back up after a failure.

Bonus tip: Schedule your posts for the best times for Group Members by using a scheduling tool like CinchShare. Use my code CSfree to get a 37 day free trial.

How are you using your Facebook Group to Lead? Share what’s working in the comments below.

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