Purple is Passion! Do You Like the Dress?
How About the Shoes? Expressive?

A Fun VISIONista Photoshoot

by Lynn Bardowski

Million $ Party Girl is really about a lifestyle. Rock your VISION and celebrate life with great friends, food, wine, travel and fashion. Fun shoes take you fun places! And as we all know, when you run your own business, you as owner are very often the brand. What does your style say about you?

Lynn Bardowski


Photographer: Danielle Diangelo @ AngelEye Photography. www.daniellediangelo.com


Dress: Sandra Darren

Comment: I am a die hard Maxxinista! (T J Maxx for great bargains)  Got this dress for just $30. Focus on solid colors that highlight your eye, skin and hair color. People should see YOU in the dress, not the dress on you.






















Lynn Bardowski


Shoes: Poetic License, London

Comment: Splurge on shoes that show your spirit! As you can see, I don't take myself too seriously. This is a super fun brand (Look for deals on discount websites like 6pm.com). My husband asked, with a smirk, "Did you put those "pom poms" on yourself?" Keep in mind he has never seen me with a glue gun. Men just don't get it.

















Lynn Bardowski


Hair & Make up: By me! A Million $ Party Girl needs to have a few skills. My wonderful colorist is Megan Morgan @ Salon Christopher (A PartyLIte Customer too!). I swear by Kiehl's Abyssine skin cream. That, and my Mother's genes.





Lynn Bardowski Shoes


Shoes: Poetic License, London
A close up of my wonderful, fun party shoes!

Photo taken on: Stratford Ave., Westmont, NJ (Westmont Farmer's Market site)


Lynnn Bardowski



Idea: Why not set up you own "VISIONista" photoshoot and create your own 'brand' look?










Lynn Bardowski is a 22 year entrepreneur, new media author, national speaker and mentor. For insights on entrepreneurship, leadership and vision, follow her blog, milliondollarpartygirl.com and LIKE her FB page, https://www.facebook.com/MillionDollarPartyGirl. You may republish this article in full, as long as you list this paragraph and provide a link.



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