Kristen Lucas Starts a Movement for Women Entrepreneurs: #respectHERHustle

Respect Lynn's Hustle

Respect Her Hustle Movement

The Respect HER Hustle movement, founded by Chief AmbassadHER of Hustle Kristen Lucas, is a game changer. It means women can stop apologizing for working their butt off and, instead, admire and celebrate women who are making sh*t happen. Respect HER Hustle means let’s honor women who have the courage to take a stand and are not afraid to put themselves “out there”.

Kristen says it best on the Respect HER Hustle website:

We’re about women.  About self-made moguls and single moms, stars on the soccer field and in the science lab.

Women of all ages who are not content to just dream, but must DO.

We’re about hustling. Passion. Dedication.

Living for long hours, savoring hard work. We’re about women who jump when there is no net, who laugh at the “shoulds” and “should nots”, who won’t apologize for chasing their dreams.

Women who break the mold and don’t look back.

My hustle story began 30 years ago, when I was the only woman to land a job in the male-dominated field of business form sales. Hustling was not an option. It wasn’t long before I noticed a stark difference between male and female clients. Men decorated their offices with awards and honors, like a peacock showing off their brightly colored feathers. Women, on the other hand, decorated their offices with pictures of their kids, frequently apologizing for saying or doing anything that might come across as “bragging”. Apologizing is something women do a lot. We’re sorry when our work takes us away from our family, sorry the laundry is piling up, sorry we don’t have perfect bodies that never age and we’re sorry for sharing our success stories. Not much has changed since then. When I network with women entrepreneurs, I will frequently hear, “You’re so busy”.  And they don’t mean it as a compliment. Instead of defending my work ethic I simply say, “Thanks, I’m blessed to live an abundant life”. Maybe I should just say, “Yeah, I’m a HustlHer”.

Kristen Lucas is a true Visionista, which I define in my book as “Women that know who they are, where they are going, and guide their tribe of leading ladies to the top”.  The term is about women helping women, and not being afraid to step into their power (hence the woman trampling NYC in a hot pink pencil skirt on my book cover). In other words, Visionistas Respect HER Hustle.

Been there, done that, bought the T-Shirt. 

Respect Lynn's Hustle

What does Respect Her Hustle mean to you? Share in the comments below and do some biz bragging.

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