5 Selfies That Empower Women to Be More Confident and Connected

After running from table to table to take a selfie with family and friends at my daughter’s wedding, I realized I have a problem. I’m addicted to selfies. Looking through the hundreds (ok, thousands) of photos in my camera roll, many of which are selfies, I realized why. I’m more confident when I’m photographed in a selfie versus a traditional “say cheese” point and shoot pic, where smiles and body language are staged. The uber close-up selfie shot forces me to embrace what makes me unique, flaws and all. Who’s that girl with her Mom’s nose, blue eyes & natural smile who is comfortable in her own selfie-skin? Me. The confidence and connection gets even stronger when you engage friends and family members in your selfie fun by taking a group shot. Hence, the popularity of a genius invention…the selfie stick. Wish I’d thought of that.

Can it be that selfies take down the walls of insecurity, allowing a more confident, authentic you to shine through? I say, yes. So, while it might be annoying to a few people I know (I’m not naming names) who think I need a selfies support group, I’m going to selfie-on. Who’s with me?!

Here are 5 Selfie Pic Ideas That Will Empower You to Be More Confident and Connected

Team Meetings: A group selfie is a super fun team building activity. Go Team NAWBO!

Team Meeting #Selfie

NAWBO Board meeting with the SBA wasn’t complete without a selfie

Once In A Lifetime Moments: From the first day of school to your child’s wedding and beyond, capture the essence of the moment with a selfie.

Mother-Daughter #Selfie

Caption: Mother of the Bride, with the Bride

Outdoor Activities: Attempting an outside-your-comfort-zone activity in the great outdoors? Take a selfie so you’ll remember how awesome you felt breaking free of your limits. Two Jersey Girl’s who don’t pump gas, actually pumping gas, are beaming in this selfie road trip moment.  Yay us!

Enjoy-the-Outdoors #Selfie

Pumping gas is a selfie-worthy outdoor activity for a Jersey Girl

Conferences and Events: Engage attendees by capturing the vibe of the crowd. Ellen’s Oscar selfie proved this is an instant ice-breaker, and a social media home run. Sharing and tagging are encouraged.

World's Largest #Selfie Candidate

Connect with your audience and start your keynote speech with the world’s largest selfie. Ellen has nothing on you.

Pet & Baby Selfies: Unconditional love is the best self-esteem and connection booster of all. Smiles all around.

Pet #Selfie

My “Granddog”

Baby #Selfie

My granddaughter’s emoji face. Hysterical.

Sisters & Best Friends: Get your Thelma & Louise on while cheering for your fave sports team.

Sisters #Selfie

Sissy luv at the Phillies game

Be you-selfie and tag me on Instagram @LynnBardowski. I follow selfie-luv back. #Visionista

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