9 Tips And Tools To Nail Your Periscope Broadcast


If Snapchat, Instagram and YouTube had a baby, it would be called Periscope – also known as Twitter’s live streaming app. Live-streaming is becoming so popular that Facebook pulled a twinning move and launched Facebook Live within one year of Periscope’s epic rise. All the cool marketers and influencers are live-streaming, which means you should be too. But where to start? With a million dollar party girl, of course! I gathered up all the skills I learned creating videos on my YouTube channel, added in a few tips from watching live-streamers and sprinkled in my live-streaming-on-a-budget hacks to create the ultimate list of tips and tools to nail your Periscope and Facebook Live broadcasts. And, in case you’re wondering how I know how to do all this social media stuff, the answer is simple: I just keep clicking. Which is a good rule for life in general.

Keep clicking and use these 9 tips and tools to nail your live-stream broadcast:

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1. Lighting: Before you broadcast, turn your camera around (as if you’re taking a selfie) and take a look. How’s the lighting? If you can’t afford the Diva Ring Light (takes off 10 years!), use a desk lamp with a “goose neck” so you can position the light on your face. If you don’t have a table or desk to put a lamp on, my go-to backup is an ironing board….the perfect mobile table with adjustable height built in. For daytime streaming stand in front of a window and take advantage of the natural light. And for streaming on the go clip this cool lighting gadget right onto the top of your smartphone. The LED light even fits over my Otterbox cover. Great light for selfies too.

2. Background: While your camera is in selfie mode, what’s your background look like? Avoid backgrounds with windows (bad for lighting), boring walls and clutter. Use corners or entryways to add depth, hang a brand-worthy picture on a blank wall or scope on-location. I’ve live-streamed from my garden, the beach, a stage, a front porch, my car, a diner, a networking event, a direct sales home party and even a pedicure chair. By the way, bookshelves and counters (and even your ironing board) can double as display shelves for your products.

3. Audio: A live-streamer should never leave home without this affordable lav microphone that plugs into your smartphone. I found it on sale on Amazon for $17.95 and keep it in my purse (don’t judge), just in case I feel a live-stream worthy moment coming on – after I search for free wifi.

4. Camera: Live-stream from the camera on your smartphone by going to Periscope or Facebook via the app. Have your laptop or Ipad open to your website and switch to the  back-facing camera to share how to shop, join your email list or find your Facebook Group. But wait, there’s more. Become a Facebook Live pro with the new Mevo live-event camera, which works with iOS 9 or higher. Mevo connects with your iPhone to put video production on auto pilot, detecting people and tracking movement – along with cool features like built-in stereo speakers. I must have it. Bonus tip: Add music to your opening and select a song that speaks to your message and brand (yes you are a brand) by downloading copyright free music from Youtube. Search YouTube audio library to find it.

5. Use Hashtags: Periscope links to your Twitter account, so include 2 – 3 hashtags in your title that are relevant to your topic to increase your audience reach. Add hashtags to your Facebook Live broadcast too.

6. Save your live-stream: Periscope now has an option to auto-save all your scopes by toggling the auto-save tab in your Periscope settings. Good call because you can always delete, but you can’t go back and save. If you’re on Facebook Live, you’ll see an auto-save message immediately after your live-stream ends. Click yes to save the video to your camera roll. You can also download your finished Facebook Live broadcast by clicking edit and then clicking on the gear thingy in the right corner.

7. Emojis Rule: Emojis communicate a point, are fun and somehow became part of live-streaming. Add 3 emojis before and after your really awesome title that tells the world what you’re broadcasting about.

8. Use a Tripod: A tripod helps you broadcast hands-free, adding energy and giving you more freedom to pick up other stuff you want to show while you’re live-streaming. I found an adjustable 50” tripod for $6.99 on Amazon, which doubles as a super selfie stick and is great for live-streaming on the go. Or, this is the tripod I have setup when you see me live-streaming on Facebook & Periscope: Sunpak 61″ aluminum tripod . Hack your selfie stick and attach the part that holds your phone to the end of the tripod and you’re ready to stream.

9. Write Down Your Talking Points: Post-its, one of the greatest inventions of all time, are perfect for summarizing your live-stream content. Stick ‘em to your tripod, laptop, desk, dashboard or that ironing board that’s holding up your lamp.

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