5 Signs You Might Be the Queen of Can’t


By Julie Wetherhold

Can one word be holding you and your team back? It CAN if you’re the Queen of CAN’T…an imaginary land in your head that is limiting all your possibilities. And the possibilities of your team.

You might be wearing the crown if you’ve ever said…

“I can’t sell that much in a month.”
“I can’t get anyone to join my team.”
“I can’t do a party like she can.”
“I can’t get any bookings.”
“I can’t promote leaders.”

Those phrases are 5 sure signs that you’re ruling a kingdom of doubt.

I’ve been there too. When I first started my business, I thought that I wouldn’t get anyone to join my team and I’d work this business for a few months –  and be done. Well, boy was I wrong! I don’t really know what it was, but one day I just decided to get over myself. I stopped focusing on me and started focusing on others. By doing that, I’ve built a team of over 800 consultants around the globe, including the US, Canada, United Kingdom, Australia, New Zealand, and Mexico. Our team has sold over $2 Million in the past two and a half years.

You might be reading this thinking, ‘Wow! I could never do that.’ Remember though, it’s time to get over yourself – and all those limiting beliefs. While these numbers are great, it’s not what keeps me going. Knowing that I have consultants on my team who otherwise wouldn’t have eaten if they weren’t working their business drives me. It’s knowing that this business has helped women step out of their comfort zone and grow their confidence that keeps me going! When Lynn asked me to be a guest speaker at VisionistaCon (her Social Selling boot camp) it was way out of my comfort zone, but I said I CAN to that too. And we got to take a selfie! How cool is that?


Here’s how I transformed the Queen of CAN’T into the Queen of CAN:

Build Strong Relationships

The first relationship you need to work on is the one with yourself. When you feed yourself ‘can’t’ messages, you are telling your brain exactly what to expect…and guess what? Your brain gets to work making your thoughts a reality. When you say or think, “No one will host a party with me,” your brain looks for the people who won’t host parties. Use positive thoughts to change your thinking and start saying I CAN. Before you sit down to work, search Google and Facebook for positivity quotes. Write them down on your calendar or notebook – a little positivity goes a long way!

The next relationship you want to create is with your hostesses and clients. We live in a digital world, so use it to your advantage! One of the quickest ways to build a relationship with your clients is with live video. Right now Facebook Live is the number one tool you have to connect with more people. I know you might be a little worried about what to say, but think of it as if you’re sitting down with a friend for a cup of coffee. Let your clients see the real you! It doesn’t matter if your kids are in the background (gotta love being able to work from home, am I right?) or if the dog is barking. In fact, keeping it real makes you even more relatable.

Another great tool I love for building relationships is the voice messaging feature on Facebook Messenger. Even in a digital world there is no substitute for your voice, and with messenger your customers can hear your voice when it’s convenient for them. It’s the best of both worlds!

You also want to build a relationship with your organization. The two features above are fabulous for this if you have a team page. Use a scheduling tool to save time and post during the best times for your audience. My go-to is CinchShare.

Be Authentic and Follow Up

No one can be you better than YOU! Let your clients, team members, and hostesses get to know who you are by creating your own content. The best part about our job is that we can learn as we go. It doesn’t have to be perfect; it just has to be you! Instead of using your company logo or product pictures, use pictures of yourself or you with your family. Remember that while you are with a certain company, you create your own brand.

A new client is a new friend. Be intentional with your follow up and find a system that works for you. If you are a digital girl, I suggest Trello. If you’re a pen & paper girl, an index card system might work just as well for you. Whatever system you use, remember to return to your clients and see how they are liking their products and what’s new in their life.

Set Higher Expectations

Avoid the home-based biz hiccups and setbacks by setting expectations; expectations for yourself, your hostesses, and your team members.

Start with you and set business hours for yourself. This will help keep a balance among family, business, free time, and whatever else you have going on. At the beginning of the week (or even the night before) lay out the tasks you will do each day. Trello can be used for this too!

Once you’ve got your schedule down, it’s time to set expectations with your hostesses. Start off by going over each hostess’ wish list and setting a goal of what sales level she’d like to reach. Then give her tips and tricks along the way of how to accomplish it.

When it comes to consultants, work with them on setting higher expectations. There’s an energy that can’t be matched there! Use this energy to help your new consultant get a better feel of what she and her new business are capable of. Believe she CAN move up quickly, earn trips and more!

Today is the day, my Queen! It’s time to turn that Can’t Queen into the Queen of CAN! All you need is you! Be authentic and jump in!

Julie Wetherhold, a Mom and Teacher, decided to try something fun for herself and joined Jamberry in 2014. Julie works with her team to build a supportive and encouraging environment and looks forward to building relationships with current and future business partners, hostesses, and clients as she continues to grow her business. Her Jamberry income has allowed her to leave her teaching position and become a full-time Mom-Preneur – while ruling the kingdom of I CAN. 

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