More Customers In 30 Days, Part 2: Killer Booking Call Script

More Customers in 30 Days: Killer Booking Call Script

More Customers in 30 Days: Killer Booking Call Script

Note: This is Part 2 of a 5 part series, More Customers in 30 Days: 5 Awesome Strategies to Book More Parties and Attract Motivated People to Your Direct Sales Business

Parties are the fastest route to finding more customers in the next 30 days. So, the million dollar question is, “How do you book more parties without sounding salesy or pushy?” Ahhhh, if only you had a killer booking script with the exact words to say to book more parties, and turn your no’s into “who do you know?” The title probably gave it away, but I happen to have a killer script for you. This is the script I use to book the parties and meet the people that built my multi-million dollar direct sales lineage. By getting more yes’s and turning my no’s into “who do you know?”, I launched my direct sales biz with six parties in my first two weeks (3 were referrals!) and sponsored four new consultants in my first month. A good sign that it really works. Give it a go.

Step 1: Be Interested

As in, interested in your customer/potential hostess. Start the convo by asking how they’re doing or by commenting on their family vacation. Thanks to Facebook, all you have to do is take a peek at their Facebook page to see that their son just graduated from high school.

Step 2: Share A Compliment

After you’ve shown that you’re interested in something other than your business, share a sincere compliment that relates to your product. What qualities do they have that makes them one of your first choices to be your next hostess? You’re choosing biz partners, so choose wisely and you’ll feel good making someone else feel good, which takes away those “salesy or pushy” thoughts. By the way, complimenting the “green dress” is not the same as complimenting the person. “You look awesome in green,” is much better.

Start with “I’m reaching out because….”
“You’re so much fun!”
“You’ve got an awesome talent for decorating.”
“I love your style!”
“You make the best sangria I’ve ever tasted!”

Step 3: Pull the VIP card and add a limiter

Invite your customer/friend to be one of your VIP Hostesses: available to six super fab women selected by you. Inviting is way better than asking. Finish up with your own special offer – a “carrot” if you will – that will lead to more yes’s.

“You’re invited to be one of six VIP Hostesses I’m selecting to show off the new ______ collection. I’d love to spoil you with special gifts, including ______. Yay! 

Step 4: Add in a fun factor
If you theme it they will come. Wine works too.

I’ll bring wine!
Margarita Monday!
Pool party at your house!
Sunday Funday!

Step 5: Close with an open ended question
Open ended questions help you find out what the true obstacle is. My go-to question is:

How does that sound?

Let’s put it all together now so it sounds like this, with your personality added in:

“Hey Linda, saw your son graduated from HS. Congrats! I’m reaching out because you throw the best parties! You’re invited to be one of six super fun VIP Hostesses I’m selecting to show off the new ______ collection. You always make my day, so I’d like to make yours and spoil you with special gifts, including ______.  I’ll bring the wine! How does that sound?”

Step 6: Listen. That’s it. Zipper those lips and wait for a reply, which might take a minute or two.

If it sounds great, book the party by offering two dates within the next 10 days! They said yes, so book in close while they’re still excited. Text a Red Stamp invite immediately so your new hostess can get the word out quickly. Say this >>> “Yay! We’ll have so much fun! Next Tuesday @ 7pm good for you, or is Thursday better?”

If it sounds great and there’s a “but”, overcome the “but” and book the party!

Them: But, I’m renovating my house right now.
You: No problem! I do loads of dual-hostess parties. Have a sister or best friend you can team up with so we can take the party to their house?

Them: But, I’m sooooooo busy.
You: No problem! Sounds like you could really use a night out with friends. How does a fun happy hour party at (local restaurant) sound? No cooking or cleaning! OR, go virtual: No problem! I do Facebook parties for busy Moms like you. We can party online after the kids go to bed. Do you prefer to log-in with red wine, or white? <wink>

Them: But, I have no friends.
You: Hey, I’m your friend! We don’t need a big crowd, let’s do a you, me + 3 party. More wine for us. Ha!

Step 7: Turn No’s into “Who do you know?”

If it sounds not so great (meaning they’re not into parties of any kind) turn your no’s into “who do you know” and an endless stream of referrals with this verbiage:

Them: NO. I. Do. Not. Do. Parties.
You: No problem! (smiling through your teeth). I love to give away free gifts to my customers (or friends) who are not into the party thing. We all have a “party diva” in the neighborhood that’s always hosting something. They are great referrals for me! Who comes to mind?

5 Warning Signs You’ll Get A “NO” Response:
• Over-sharing specific details about your products and hostess program. Peak just enough interest that your customer is asking you for more information, not the other way around.
• Texting/FB messaging three times with no response. Three times and you’re out. Who’s next?
• Copy/pasting this script without adding your own voice and personality. I say “peeps”, you might say “posse”, “squad” or “girl tribe.”
• Providing zero customer service since the last order, and only calling when you want to book a party. Eek. Turn your booking call into a customer service call.
• Saying things like: “I need you to book a party to reach my goal this month.” Keep it about them by saying, “I’m in a challenge to book 3 parties and I thought of you right away because _________.” > go back to step #2.

A potential hostess or customer wants to know how you can benefit them, not you. That’s true for all those “no” responses, too. Put your customers first and deliver on your promise to make your Hostess feel like a VIP, and you’ll have more customers in 30 days. Yay!

Missed Part 1? Click here to learn how to use Facebook to find more vendor events. Comment below and let me know your results. I’d love to hear from you 🙂


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Lynn Bardowski is an award-winning entrepreneur and bestselling author of Success Secrets of a Million Dollar Party Girl. She speaks to global audiences about Direct Sales Success, Women’s Empowerment, and Social Selling and is a resource for press, media and bloggers. Follow Lynn on her social sites by clicking on the icons on the top left of this page.

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